• "A young girl who is well" offers a magnificent role to Rebecca Marder.

  • For her first feature film as a director, Sandrine Kiberlain describes the life of a young 19-year-old Jewish woman who wants to become an actress in 1942.

  • With small modest touches, she shares the joys and sorrows of a vibrant heroine.

She is full of life Rebecca Marder in

A young girl who is fine

by Sandrine Kiberlain, discovered at the Critics' Week of the last Cannes Film Festival.

Rebecca Marder plays Irène, who is 19 and wants to become an actress.

But she's Jewish and it's 1942.

“If the historical context is obviously important, I especially wanted to show the excitement you feel when you start your career.

I feel very close to my heroine,” said Sandrine Kiberlain to

20 Minutes


The filmmaker does not insist on historical reconstruction.

She centers her story on this luminous girl who is trying “to be well” while the terrible threat is getting closer and closer to her and her family.

She doesn't know what awaits her

"I wouldn't say she's selfish," says Rebecca Marder.

She lives in denial but not quite because her regular fainting shows that she is not fooled.

She knows deep down that happiness won't last.

And yet, this force of nature manages to laugh, to study what deeply grips a spectator who, unlike her, knows what awaits her.

Sandrine Kiberlain never supports the line that likes to suggest better than to show.

"She asked me to make Irene someone light in turmoil," insists Rebecca Marder.

The weight that gradually crushes the "young girl who is well" also falls on the public.

When Irene looks up the definition of the word "fear" in the dictionary, the spectator's heart breaks into a thousand pieces.

This emblematic scene of the film sums up Sandrine Kiberlain's intelligence and modesty, as touching behind the camera as she was in front of it.

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