According to information from the German Press Agency, there was a killing spree on the premises of Heidelberg University.

A lone perpetrator injured several people in a lecture hall with a long gun on Monday afternoon, the police said.

The perpetrator is now dead.

In security circles it was said that the man had several long guns with him and finally shot himself.

However, this information has not yet been officially confirmed.

The police said: "We are not assuming that there will be other perpetrators." To be on the safe side, the site will continue to be searched.

According to dpa information, the gunman is said to have been a student himself.

According to initial findings, he had no political or religious motives, according to security circles.

The campus in the Neuenheim district on the northern bank of the Neckar is primarily home to the university's natural science faculties, parts of the university hospital and the botanical garden.

The police announced that they were still “on site with strong forces”.

Motorists were asked to drive around the district so that rescue and emergency services could travel freely.

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