(Walking to the grassroots level in the Spring Festival) Nanning Railway Public Security "Package-hunting Expert" received 116 passenger pennants in two years

  China News Service, Nanning, January 24th (Wang Rongxin and Pan Hongren) "Retrieving lost items for passengers is a sense of accomplishment for me. Every time I receive a pennant from a passenger, it is the best gift for me." '." Gao Mingwei, a policeman at the Nanning East Station Police Station of the Nanning Public Security Bureau of the Nanning Railway Public Security Bureau, said on the 24th.

  It is understood that since 2020, Gao Mingwei has recovered a total of 1,241 lost properties, and has recovered more than 6.27 million yuan in economic losses for passengers. He has received 116 passenger pennants, and is affectionately called "bag-hunting master" by colleagues and passengers. .

In order to carry out the work better, the Nanning Railway Public Security Bureau, Nanning Public Security Division, Nanning East Station dispatched so Gao Mingwei, established the "Mingwei Mobile Service Post", and equipped Gao Mingwei with an electric car to facilitate him waiting for the train. The office conducts on-duty patrols and epidemic prevention and control.

Gao Mingwei conducts patrols in the waiting room Photo by Wang Rongxin

  "For passengers who have lost their belongings, they will be very anxious in most cases. However, it takes a process to find the lost property, and it also requires the owner to wait patiently. We will try our best to find it." Gao Mingwei said.

  Gao Mingwei told reporters that in his work, he also encountered cases where some passengers lost their belongings but did not know it. Until he contacted the owner, the owner mistakenly thought it was a telecommunication fraud.

At this time, Gao Mingwei will patiently explain and gain the trust of the passengers.

Gao Mingwei returns the lost backpack Photo by Wang Rongxin

  "Every time I see the smiles of passengers who have recovered their lost belongings, I feel very relieved and feel that it is all worth it." Gao Mingwei said.

  For the vast number of travelers who are about to embark on the journey of returning home during the Spring Festival, Gao Mingwei reminded: "Security checkpoints, ticket collection or ticket sales areas, waiting room seats, train luggage racks, and under sleeper pillows are often the places with high incidence of lost items. , the majority of passengers and friends should pay special attention."

The owner expressed his gratitude to Gao Mingwei Photo by Wang Rongxin

  In addition, in terms of public security work, since 2020, Gao Mingwei has solved a total of 87 public security cases, arrested 8 online fugitives, interrogated 192 key personnel, and mediated 21 passenger disputes, effectively maintaining the station's public security order.