Menna Shalaby.. No comment on the "two nurses" case... and this actor is closest to my heart

The Egyptian artist, Menna Shalaby, refused to comment on the crisis of her mother, the retired artist, Zizi Mustafa, with two nurses accused of causing her medical neglect, an event that sparked a wide wave of controversy, noting that she "refuses to comment, and the matter is in the hands of the Public Prosecution."

One of the nurses had sparked a storm of controversy after statements she made on the Facebook social networking site, in which she said that she "worked with Menna Shalaby in a previous period for more than 3 months, and received bad treatment from her, insults and profanity, and indicated that she was making her sleep on land, and provide it with bad food, and it was only one meal a day.”

Two weeks ago, the Hurghada Public Prosecution ordered the release of the two nurses accused by Menna Shalaby of medical negligence in treating her mother, a retired dancer, Zizi Mustafa.

Menna Shalaby claims in the report issued against the two nurses that they used hot water on her mother's wound instead of warm water, which caused her wound to deteriorate and led to suppuration.

In her interview with Al Arabiya channel, Menna Shalaby expressed her happiness at the return of her cooperation with the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Ezz, in the movie "Crime", which is currently shown in cinemas, written and directed by Sherif Arafa.

Shalaby confirmed that Ahmed Ezz is "one of the closest people to her heart in the artistic community," and expressed her happiness with the development that is happening to his acting performance in the artworks he presents, even if these works are without them.

 Menna Shalaby revealed that Ahmed Ezz helped her a lot in their new movie "The Crime", because the nature of the role that she plays in its events is psychologically complex, and caused stress to her nervous system.

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