Mabrouk Attia on “Friends and Neighbors”: Nudity and immorality are not purposeful art (video)

Preacher, Dr. Mabrouk Attia, criticized what has been raised recently and the permanent controversy surrounding the movie “Friends and I am the dearest,” as he began his speech with any Quranic verse, saying: “Our Lord, we believe in what You have revealed and we follow the Messenger, so write us with the witnesses.” He added, through a video recording, through his official account on “Facebook” saying: He said: “The film of the companions, and I do not dearest, provoked the confusion here and the words there. We want to say a summary of the face of the living that does not die. We want to present a healing word for the face of God.”

And he continued, "First, I was informed that it is not an Egyptian movie, and this deserves, praise be to God, secondly, an Egyptian movie, or a European one, from any country, whatever it was. He buys amusement, promiscuity, and watching the forbidden.”

He continued, "I am only concerned with a useful sentence in the first place. Does art, with its different countries and affiliations, present a message in people's lives? Or is it not presented? The people of art say to the people of religion, stay away from us, frankly without equivocation."

He continued, "In a scientific and literary school called the School of Art for Art, I mean, you want to talk to me about a work of art, talk to me in an artistic language, don't tell me what is halal and what is forbidden, and religion because those who want to learn are not all halal and haram, even a small part of religion called halal and haram, but religion is awareness and education, morals, cooperation in righteousness and piety, helping the needy materially and morally, stabilizing hearts on the worship of the one and only God, and contemplating the creation of the heavens and the earth, and a comprehensive encyclopedia, but for the respected gentlemen of art, religion means halal and haram.”

He pointed out: "It is like halal and haram calling for homosexuality is not halal, it upsets a person or a creature, is it when we say the call to homosexuality is forbidden with a cannon? No, what is killing a wife is forbidden and killing her, and killing a husband is forbidden and killing him, it is you when you don't know the rule and the world Not paper, no matter your nationality.

The preacher asked: “What is the opinion of the Islamic Research Academy in diagnosing this work for people, to form a committee of Islamic research and give you a report that says this is contrary to belief or not represented or not represented, and before millions of dollars are spent, the work remains with money, and whoever has money will see it.”

He added: "Calmly, as long as the people of art say to the people of religion, "Stay in your religion."

He pointed out that "nudity is not a meaningful art, and calling for homosexuality is not from religion or a meaningful art, and the suit for immorality is not a goal, and mocking teachers is not a purposeful understanding." Because it is a little too large, go, artists. They gave us good models, needs that benefit people, needs that do not encourage crimes and take into account the basic principles of religions, as there is no religion that calls for homosexuality and nudity.”

And the preacher Mabrouk Attia concluded his speech by saying: “Oh God, what have you reached, oh God, what I bear witness, oh God, I am innocent to you of every action that goes against your religion, it is called art or what is called what is called, God the Blessed and Exalted calls out in Surah Al Imran saying: (Come to a common word between us.” And between you), did we take the call of God the same, in which we agree that people will not see anything but good from us? Do we agree? I hope so.

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