The harvest of the spring taste "Tara no bud" is at its peak in Tsuwano Town, Shimane Prefecture.

Tsuwano Town is thriving in the production of cod buds, and a production association made up of 16 farmers in neighboring Masuda City and Yoshika Town ships about 5 tons annually.

At the agricultural house of Mr. Kazuyoshi Takeuchi, who is the union leader, bright yellow-green cod buds grow from the cod logs lined up on the cultivation shelves and cut to about 5 cm, and the harvest is at its peak at this time. The term has come.

Mr. Takeuchi carefully cut the buds of Aralia elata from the root with scissors.

According to JA Shimane, the buds of Aralia elata are growing well.

Mr. Takeuchi said, "I want you to eat wild plants and feel spring a little earlier, so that your mind and body will be well."

Harvesting of cod buds will continue until the end of April and will be shipped to Kitakyushu, Kansai, and Sanin prefectures.