China News Service, Fuzhou, January 24 (Chen Xinlong and Wu Zhihui) Fujian Pingtan Coast Guard reported on the 24th that a case of suspected smuggling of frozen goods was recently seized. 2 ships and 3 vehicles suspected of smuggling frozen goods were seized on the spot, and the persons involved were arrested. 4, seized more than 80 tons of frozen products suspected of smuggling.

The picture shows law enforcement officers seizing frozen goods involved in the case.

Photo courtesy of Pingtan Coast Guard

  At about 3:00 a.m. on the 23rd, the Pingtan Coast Guard Bureau reported that several ships and vehicles were being shipped in a certain Aokou under its jurisdiction, and they were suspected of engaging in smuggling activities. The bureau immediately dispatched law enforcement officers to the Aokou to investigate the incident.

When the law enforcement officers arrived, they found that a crane was loading the suspected smuggled frozen goods from the ship to the truck. The legal source procedures and inspection and quarantine certificates for this batch of goods cannot be provided.

  At present, the ships, vehicles and the frozen goods contained in the case have been seized according to law, and the case is under further investigation.