Three years ago, in response to an incident in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, where a girl in the fourth grade of elementary school was abused and died, the result of a third-party evaluation by the Child Guidance Center conducted by Chiba Prefecture last year was evaluated as "appropriate implementation". Only about 10% of the items were listed.

In response to the incident, Chiba Prefecture conducted a third-party evaluation in order to make the operation of the child guidance center in the prefecture transparent and improve the quality of support, and evaluated the Tojo General Child Guidance Center in Mobara City, which was the first target. The results have been announced.

According to this, out of 123 items such as organizational structure, response to children, operation of temporary shelters,

▽ "appropriate implementation" was 12, which was only about 10%, and

▽ "somewhat appropriate" was 79. ,

▽ "Inappropriate or not implemented" is 32 items.

Specifically, while it was evaluated that efforts to save lives, such as confirming the safety of children within 48 hours of notification, are being properly implemented, the number of employees who are taking a rest or retiring due to illness is increasing. It was pointed out that there are issues that need to be improved, such as the environment in Japan and the fact that the capacity of temporary shelters is constantly being exceeded.

The Prefectural Children's and Family Affairs Division says, "We will consider it as an issue for the entire prefecture and work to improve it."