China Taiwan Net, January 24th, the sound of firecrackers made the New Year, and the paper-cut Spring Festival couplets reunited.

On January 23, more than 40 Taiwanese and Taiwanese businessmen from Taiwan, Qinghai and Taiwan, who were in Han Dynasty, gathered at Yixin Ecological Farm in Huangpi District to visit the organic farm, experience window cutting, write Chinese New Year couplets, make handmade tofu, and taste their hometown. Flavor Reunion Dinner, to celebrate the New Year, to celebrate the reunion.

  The Spring Festival, also known as the "Head of the Hundred Festivals", is the most solemn and lively traditional festival in China.

The organizer of the event specially prepared authentic Taiwanese-style New Year's dinner, among which the long-term dishes and Taiwanese special oil rice are the most popular.

  Wang Tianshan, vice-chairman of the Wuhan Taiwan Association and winner of the "May 4th Youth Medal of Hubei Province", sent everyone his best wishes for the New Year.

And with his 11-year entrepreneurial experience rooted in Wuhan, he encourages Taiwanese and Taiwanese students to better integrate into Wuhan's work and life in the new year, communicate and learn from Wuhan's small partners, and pursue their dreams.

  "Every year is smooth sailing, and everything goes well." Sun Yunhan, a Taiwanese student from Wuhan University who majored in French, expressed her New Year's wishes, hoping that she will grow in the new year, and wishing her relatives in Taiwan good health and all the best, friends in Wuhan Let's be happy and have a happy new year.

  "Wow! It turns out that tofu is done this way." Taisheng Wu Fuhao sighed repeatedly.

She is now a senior in English major at Huazhong Normal University. It was the first time she saw the process of forming soybeans to tofu, and she felt particularly novel and happy.

  The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is approaching. Although the Taiwanese and Taiwanese businessmen who "celebrate the New Year on the spot" are far away from their relatives in Taiwan, they still feel the care of the Taiwan Affairs Office and the Taiwan Association, interesting and warm event design, and sincere and warm companionship. A happy, warm and lively New Year.

  This event is the second stop of the 2022 "Wuhan Taiqing Welcomes the Winter Olympics, Tigers and Tigers Celebrate the New Year". It is guided by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Wuhan Municipal People's Government, sponsored by the Wuhan Taiwan-funded Enterprise Association, and Wuhan Xuqing returns to his hometown. Organized by Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.

(Jointly reported by China Taiwan Net and Wuhan Taiwan Affairs Office)