Zhang Yangyang met his mother 24 years after being abducted

  Let someone pinch him when he recognizes his relatives, "see if he is in a dream"

  On January 23, at the passenger exit of Wuhan Tianhe Airport in Hubei, 52-year-old Li Fang drank a bottle of water in one breath. During this period, he could hardly stand a few times. He was accompanied by another family-seeking parent who was accompanied by the movie "Dear". "One of the prototypes, Du Xiaohua, and the volunteers hugged their shoulders tightly.

  Li Fang's eyes passed through the surrounding media cameras weakly, looking at the direction where the passengers came out. She had been fantasizing about her son's appearance for 24 years.

At noon on June 6, 1998, 4-year-old Zhang Yangyang was abducted from the entrance of a barber shop in Luohe, Henan.

After that, Li Fang divorced her husband, and since then she has traveled all over the country to find her son alone.

Now, finally get what you want.

  After Zhang Yangyang left the airport, he saw his mother Li Fang at first sight, shouting "Mom", and the mother and son hugged and cried.

The moment he saw Zhang Yangyang, Li Fang was so excited that he almost fainted, bowed his head and cried for a long time in Zhang Yangyang's arms.

28-year-old Zhang Yangyang, wearing a red padded jacket, smiled and asked someone to pinch him, "See if I'm in a dream."

From Haikou, Hainan to Luohe, Henan, the distance of more than 1,800 kilometers, the mother and son have traveled 24 years to meet.

  Zhang Yangyang brushed the hair from the back of his head and let his mother Li Fang take a closer look at the mole, and then lowered his head to show her the whirlpool in front of her forehead.

Li Fang confirmed again that this is the child she lost for 24 years.

  On the spot

  Mom is numb with excitement

  The son is afraid of being crowded out and shouts for his mother

  This is a two-way acquaintance.

  At the end of last year, when Sun Haiyang drove his son Sun Zhuo back to school in Yanggu, Shandong, Li Fang came to the scene to congratulate Sun Haiyang, and held a poster of looking for his son to introduce the situation of his son's abduction to the live media, which attracted the attention of netizens.

Li Fang mentioned at the time that her son has been separated for more than 20 years and is now 28 years old.

  Not long after that, Zhang Yangyang, who was in Hainan, took the initiative to contact Li Fang. After a detailed chat, the two initially confirmed that the other party was the person they were looking for.

  On January 19, driven by the feeling of missing, the two decided to meet in advance.

Li Fang took the high-speed train from Luohe, Henan, while Zhang Yangyang came from Hainan by plane, and went to Wuhan to meet each other.

  Li Fang bought new clothes for her son in advance, and Zhang Yangyang also brought Hainanese coconut candy to her mother.

  Li Fang, who arrived at the airport first, was surrounded by the media who came to report, and other parents and volunteers who were looking for children were protecting her.

Under the spotlight, Li Fang was exhausted, sweating profusely, and drank the bottle of water handed over in one breath.

  Behind her stood Du Xiaohua, one of the parents looking for children in the movie "Dear".

The experience of looking for children together for so many years has allowed them to establish a family-like relationship.

At the scene of Sun Haiyang's successful search for a child, they all came to congratulate him or appeared in the camera with a photo of the child, hoping to "seek the heat to find the child".

  Du Xiaohua put his arms around Li Fang's shoulders, blocking the pressure from the crowd and preventing Li Fang from slumping to the ground.

He said that people are calm when they don't get the news, and they get excited when they get the news.

"She hasn't rested for the past two days. She's too excited and tired."

  The staff continued to maintain order, and the crowds kept moving from the fence to the exit, and then back to the fence.

  At this moment, Zhang Yangyang suddenly appeared from the crowd behind him and shouted "Mom".

When Li Fang looked up, Zhang Yangyang had a smile in his eyes, and he had walked up to him quickly, lowered his body a little, and hugged Li Fang tightly.

  The two held their heads and wept for a long time, and the noisy scene was quiet for a while.

Du Xiaohua looked at the mother and son enviously, squeezed out space for them, biting his lip to hold back the tears.

Li Fang suddenly hung on Zhang Yangyang's body weakly, and almost fell into a faint.

Zhang Yangyang helped her to a chair, and Du Xiaohua and the volunteers pulled up the human wall to protect her in a circle.

Zhang Yangyang suddenly said playfully to the people around him, "Pinch me to see if I'm in a dream?" This made the people around him laugh.

  Zhang Yangyang brushed the hair on the back of Li Fang's head, showed her the mole, and let her mother bow her head to let Li Fang check the whirlpool on his forehead.

He also said that he remembered that his grandmother kept a basket of chickens.

  These words made Li Fang cry again, and kept shouting "Yangyang, Yangyang".

  The 28-year-old Zhang Yangyang is lively and jumps off. He walks forward with hands around him while talking. When he can't help walking faster, he suddenly stops and turns to search for Li Fang's figure. He can't help shouting, "Mom, where is my mother? ".

Someone in the crowd responded, "Don't worry, I won't lose it this time."

  Recognize in advance

  Mother and son will return to Luohe for Chinese New Year

  Zhang Yangyang has been looking for relatives since he learned of his life experience

  In December last year, Sun Haiyang successfully searched for his son, which caused a sensation in the family looking for his son.

Li Fang and other parents who were looking for their children followed Sun Haiyang to Hubei and Shandong. While witnessing the joy, they also looked forward to "getting some heat" in the media, so that their lost children could have more opportunities to see their hands 's missing person notice.

  According to Li Fang's recollection, in 1998, after the child was abducted at the door of the barber shop, her husband divorced her.

She never started a family again, looking for children all over the country.

She had been alone in the barber shop for more than 10 years, and hoped that her son would still have a memory of the barber shop and be found miraculously.

Later, due to her own health reasons, she closed the barber shop, rented a house nearby, and waited for her child to come home.

"Working for three or four months a year saves a sum of money, and the remaining eight or nine months go out to find children. After the money is spent, I go home to work and earn money." Li Fang said.

  After Sun Haiyang found the child, Li Fang once cried to the camera and shouted to her son: "Mom found 52 years old from 28 years old, I really can't stand it anymore, Yang Yang, you have grown up, if you can see the news, come back quickly mother."

  "I have published all the characteristics of my son, and I have encountered liars over the years. Not long ago, Yangyang saw the news and contacted me, and these characteristics were all correct. We talked about many details of life, and they all matched." Li Fang said that the photos of the two were also successfully compared by the police.

On January 19, the two have handed over the blood samples to the police, waiting for DNA comparison, and the official results of the test have not yet been announced.

  After being interviewed by the media, Zhang Yangyang sat paralyzed on the ground and asked if he had water to drink.

He said that he was in a hurry in the early morning and had not eaten breakfast.

  Zhang Yangyang said that he works in catering and is highly valued by the company, and his adoptive parents are also very kind to him.

Four years ago, my family talked about his life experience, "My adoptive parents are Cantonese, they said I was adopted, and they supported me in finding my parents. When I went out today, they also told me to pay attention to safety, saying that I want to go back to my hometown. Check it out and go back. This year, I will definitely go back to Luohe for Chinese New Year.”

  Zhang Yangyang said that he used to think that such a thing was far away from him. After learning of his life experience, he had been looking for his biological parents until he saw Li Fang in the news of Sun Haiyang's son search.

"I don't need to change my ID card in the future. I can't forget the kindness of parenting, otherwise my mother (Li Fang) will not agree."

  The way to find a child

  Many parents looking for their children raised placards at the scene

  Du Xiaohua begged to "give more shots"

  Under the spotlight of the family recognition scene, Du Xiaohua stretched his hands to the periphery of the crowd again and again, took the posters, cards and even screenshots of mobile phones from other child seekers, and asked the media to "take more shots of these children, thank you everyone."

  Seven or eight parents looking for their children huddled at the outermost edge of the crowd, holding up signs persistently, looking at the protagonists in the center of the crowd with eager eyes.

When the camera shoots at them, they will hold the sign upright, so that the camera can clearly capture the information on it, and some people will even cry and tell themselves.

  Li Fang said: "When these things happen to others, it's a story. It's an accident when it happens to me. If you haven't experienced it, you can't feel the same way."

  Li Fang introduced that every time someone's child is found, other parents who are looking for their children will try to appear in the camera, hoping to use the popularity of the incident to spread their tracing information.

Parents who have succeeded in finding people will also find ways to help other parents publicize, and she will continue to help other parents in the future.

  "The emotions are very complicated. I laugh and cry. I feel happy for Sister Fang from the bottom of my heart, but also saddened. I haven't found my child. Ms. Tang, who came over, was handed the flowers to Zhang Yangyang. She couldn't squeeze into the inner circle of the camera and kept following behind the crowd.

  In 2006, when Ms. Tang and her husband were working near Kunming Railway Station, their 6-year-old child was lost.

"The child's grandmother was selling vegetables at the vegetable market, the child went home with the neighbors, and then turned to the vegetable market to find her grandmother, and lost it. The child's grandmother blamed herself for 16 years, and the grandfather's body collapsed. When he died, he did not close his eyes. The whole family is suffering," Ms Tang said.

  "Li Fang used to be the same as them. Wherever there was such a news scene, he would go to the news scene. From Guo Gangtang, the prototype of "Lost Orphan", to Sun Haiyang, one of the prototypes of "Dear", he went to every news scene, all the time. No news, I didn't expect it to be found all of a sudden." Du Xiaohua said that the frequency of children being found seems to have accelerated recently, and there is no news about his child Du Houqi, so he still needs to be calm at this time, maybe some good news will come.

  West China Metropolis Daily - Cover reporter Shi Wei reported in Wuhan