China News Service, Kunming, January 22 (Luo Jie) The reporter learned from the press conference of the Yunnan Provincial People's Congress in 2022 and the press conference on the theme of people's livelihood security that Yunnan has received a total of 422,300 quarantined overseas arrivals, and the province's epidemic prevention and control has achieved input There are zero cases of death, no local epidemic spread, and zero spread of air imports.

  "2021 is an extraordinary year in the history of Yunnan's health care development." Yang Yang, director of the Yunnan Provincial Health Commission, said that in 2021, the global new crown pneumonia epidemic will continue to spread, the epidemic situation in the surrounding countries and regions of Yunnan Province will continue to deteriorate, and overseas epidemics will be imported. , the influx of overseas returnees, virus mutation, social stability, people's livelihood security and other risks continue to impact the border epidemic defense line, Yunnan has become the main battlefield of "foreign import" in the country.

Under this situation, a total of 69 epidemics occurred in Yunnan, all of which have been "dynamically cleared".

  At the same time, Yunnan Province has actively supported and helped the neighboring countries and regions in South Asia and Southeast Asia to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It has sent a number of Chinese foreign aid prevention and control expert teams to Myanmar, Laos and other countries to help build nucleic acid testing laboratories.

In 22 border counties of Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam, pilot areas for overseas joint prevention and control of major infectious diseases have been established, and a "big data monitoring and early warning service platform for major insect-borne infectious diseases in the Lancang-Mekong River Basin" has been established.

  At present, Yunnan is still facing the pressure of epidemic prevention and control of "foreign defense against importation and internal defense against rebound".

Yang Yang said that Yunnan Province will stick to guarding the gate for the country, keep an eye on the goal of "dynamic clearing", strengthen capacity building such as ports, isolation, and treatment, strengthen material reserves and emergency drills, do a solid job in normalizing epidemic prevention and control, and promote vaccines quickly and safely. Vaccination, and resolutely defend the results of epidemic prevention and control.