Saudi Arabia..5 years imprisonment for a former judge accused of insulting and having forbidden relations

The Criminal Court in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, represented by one of the financial and administrative corruption cases, issued a ruling to imprison a former judge of the General Court in Makkah Al-Mukarramah for five years, from which any period after which he was arrested is calculated in relation to the case in which he is accused.

The verdict also included not convicting him of the accusations of bribery attributed to him, and the Public Prosecutor's request for a reprimand for the two accusations of bribery and for his release from these charges, according to Al-Madina newspaper.

The Court of Appeal held that, given the circumstances and health status of the defendant, it found a convincing reason to suspend the implementation of part of the prison sentence imposed on him based on Article 214 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and ratified the ruling for the private right of two citizens whose former wives had a forbidden relationship with the former judge, as the ruling included He was imprisoned for 15 days for each private right.

The Public Prosecution accused the former judge of being a public servant (a judge at the General Court in Makkah) who committed the crime of bribery in violation of one of the duties of his position and the establishment of illegal relations with women, as he requested to establish an illegal relationship with one of them and agree to marry her in return for his breach of his obligations Justice in his judgment between her and her divorced other party to the case and his attempt to miss the opportunity to object to the judgment issued by him against the defendant by directing the office employee not to respond to the defendant when he appears to file the objection, and the previous judge, while examining the plaintiff’s lawsuit, guaranteed her a fine and payment bond with a bank The Saudi credit and his continuous communication with her and asking her to come to his office at any time to inform him of any papers that pertain to her in order to guide her in what she is doing and providing services to her and mediating to get a job for her, and there is a suspicion in the ruling issued in the woman’s lawsuit against the defendant (her ex-husband).

The accusations in the second case included that he had committed the crime of bribery by asking for himself a gift and a subsequent reward in return for his breach of one of the duties of his job and the work he had done by asking another woman to establish an illegal relationship with her and accepting his marriage as a reward for the work done by him. The defendant was certain that he stood by the plaintiff against him in the divorce and alimony suit, where he ruled in her favor to annul the marriage and alimony. He also mediated to obtain travel reservations and requested an interview with her to hand her a bank check, in addition to the suspicion of their safety in the two judgments issued in the plaintiff’s lawsuit against the defendant (her ex-husband). Because of his relationship with the plaintiff during the consideration of the case.

The former judge was also accused of insulting and cursing a former spouse of two women with whom he had a forbidden relationship, as well as insulting and insulting the head of the Judicial Inspection during his conversation with one of the plaintiffs. Judges in the Criminal Court in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and his incitement not to respond to the judge in answering what he is asked about by the judge and to ask him to give him a respite for each question in order to return to him and take the answer from him.

The accusations also included insulting the husband of another woman during his conversation with her, and his persecution of the woman against her husband and inciting her to seek divorce.

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