Henan continues large-scale low-temperature rain and snow, and Zhengzhou initiates level III emergency response to rain, snow and freezing disasters

  The reporter learned from the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government's low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster emergency headquarters that Zhengzhou has launched a level III emergency response to the low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster.

  Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau released important weather conditions at 23:00 on January 21: Xingyang and Xinzheng have experienced more than 5 mm of snow in the past 24 hours. It is expected that more than 5 mm of snow will still fall in Zhengzhou and some counties and cities in the next 24 hours.

In response to this round of rain, snow and freezing weather, the Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government's Low-Temperature Rain, Snow and Freezing Disaster Emergency Headquarters decided to start a Level III emergency response to the low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster at 0:00 on January 22.

  The Bureau of Meteorology strengthens the monitoring and forecasting of meteorological disasters, timely prepares and releases early warnings of meteorological disasters such as low temperature, blizzard, and cold wave and related defense guidelines, increases the frequency of forecast release in a timely manner, and conducts analysis and assessment of the impact of meteorological disasters;

  The Public Security Bureau strengthens the maintenance of road traffic order and public security order, and implements traffic control on road sections prone to traffic accidents when necessary;

  The Urban Management Bureau shall do a good job of clearing snow and ice on roads, and be responsible for clearing snow and ice on urban roads to ensure smooth urban roads and clean city appearance;

  The Emergency Management Bureau organizes the city's emergency system to do a good job in responding to low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters, informs relevant enterprises to reduce or suspend production as appropriate, and do a good job in defense-related work;

  All departments at all levels must strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty and leadership-led shift system, keep information flowing, and early detection, early reporting, and early disposal of emergencies caused by rain, snow, and freezing weather, so as to minimize disaster losses, emergencies or casualties, etc. If the situation occurs, it shall be reported truthfully in accordance with the procedures as soon as possible.

  Due to icy roads, highways in Henan province ban all vehicles from the station

  As of 7:05 on January 22, due to icy roads, all vehicles on the expressway in Henan Province were prohibited from entering the station, and the station entrance ensured the normal passage of emergency supplies vehicles.

  Travel Tips: Recently, a large-scale low-temperature rain and snow process has continued to occur in Henan Province.

In order to ensure road traffic safety, according to road traffic conditions, traffic restrictions, prohibitions and remote diversion and detour measures will be taken on road sections such as foggy areas and icy areas.

Emergency transportation vehicles for epidemic prevention and control, fresh agricultural products transportation vehicles, key production materials and livelihood materials and other emergency transportation vehicles are not restricted by the control measures, and priority is given to ensuring access.

(Headquarters reporter Tian Meng and Wang Yidan)