China News Service, January 22 (Zhang Yilin) ​​Recently, a video of the county magistrate of Dancheng County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province on the policy for returning people has attracted heated discussions.

The county magistrate said at the meeting: "As long as you return to the medium and high-risk areas, you will be quarantined first and then detained." In his follow-up response to the media, he said: The video has been edited, it is not true, and it has been edited out. Homecoming" etc.

  It is undeniable that during the Spring Festival, it is not easy for grass-roots cadres to do a good job in epidemic prevention while doing various services during the festival.

But going home for the Chinese New Year has been an unchanging obsession of the Chinese for thousands of years.

In any case, "going home" and "going home" are harmless.

In the face of the epidemic and returning home during the Spring Festival, the localities are facing double pressure, but they cannot easily threaten "detention", which is a serious abuse of power.

The relevant departments should not allow the public to suffer the consequences of such "lazy governance" for the convenience of public management.

  As the end of the year is approaching, epidemic prevention and control is under pressure from the movement and gathering of people.

Some areas with epidemic prevention and control policies "top students" have not only achieved accurate and efficient prevention and control in their locations, provided various services for those returning from low-risk areas, but also proposed to take various safeguards for those who celebrate the New Year in situ.

Some netizens posted on social platforms the tips of the staff in their hometowns about epidemic prevention.

A greeting and a reminder reflect the city's temperature and humanistic care.

  Just today (22nd), the press conference of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council also reminded that the Spring Festival is approaching and people are starting to return to their hometowns. The implementation is simplified and one-size-fits-all to prevent layer-by-layer coding.

  The epidemic prevention and control is the spread of the new crown virus, not people.

The formulation of public management policies should put the interests of the masses in the first place and in the heart. Policies should not only focus on the rule of law, but also be down-to-earth and popular with the people. Do not harm the interests of the masses.

Going home for the New Year reunion is the eager expectation of the folks who have worked hard for a year. Many of them have not returned to their hometown for the New Year for many years. The formulation of policies should be kind to every step of returning home!