Governor Koike of Tokyo said at a press conference that priority measures such as prevention of spread were applied to the entire area of ​​Tokyo from the 21st, "it will change from yellow to red light", showing a sense of danger to the spread of infection, and taking measures. We called for cooperation.

At the press conference, a banner stating "Priority measures are being implemented" was hung on the yellow and red background behind the seat where Governor Koike sits.

Governor Koike said, "I made it with the meaning of" changing from yellow to red light. "I want to share my thoughts with the citizens of Tokyo and businesses," and expressed a sense of crisis about the spread of the infection.

In addition, regarding the short-time business requested to the restaurant, "I understand that the restaurants are very strict. I have received a lot of cooperation so far. This time it was a selection system, but it depends on the way of thinking of the restaurant. I hope you will use it. I would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation. "

Then, in order to steadily obtain cooperation, it was revealed that the patrol by the staff of the city will start from the 24th of the beginning of the week.

On the other hand, when the bed usage rate in Tokyo, which was 28.9% as of the 20th, has reached 50%, the policy to consider the request to the country issuing the state of emergency is "basically, we will consider at that stage. I'm doing it, "he said, showing his thoughts on maintaining.

On top of that, "I want you to carry out the criticism, but I want you to do it. I have received words of encouragement from the country," Please do your best. " It is an antibody. I would like you to secure them and provide a reliable and focused supply. "

“Omi remarks” go beyond the basic coping policy and make the government consistent

From the 21st, when priority measures such as prevention of spread are applied, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is demanding that people refrain from going out or moving between prefectures.

On the other hand, Shigeru Omi, chairman of the government's basic coping policy subcommittee, told media companies on the 19th, "It is important to take effective measures with sharpness that are characteristic of Omicron stocks. I think that "limitation of the number of people" is the keyword instead of "."

At a press conference, Governor Koike of Tokyo said, "Reducing opportunities for contact with people and refraining from moving between prefectures that are unnecessary and urgent are stated in the government's basic coping policy. However, we have no choice but to make decisions within that range according to various procedures stipulated by the law and in accordance with it. Beyond that, the government will return, "I can't do that."

He added, "What Chairman Omi is saying is that beyond that, I would like the government, Chairman Omi, and the experts of the subcommittee to be consistent."