[Explanation] The year of the tiger in the lunar calendar is approaching, and the sales of gold jewelry for the year of the tiger is increasing.

On January 20, the reporter saw in a large jewelry mall in Beijing that there was an endless stream of people who came to buy Chinese New Year gold jewelry.

According to reports, in the past two weeks, the traffic of the mall has increased significantly, and the enthusiasm of consumers to buy is high.

  [Concurrent] Li Yang, a staff member of Caibai Co., Ltd.

  According to the passenger flow in the last two weeks, there has been an increase year-on-year (2021), including consumers' pursuit of some of these products in the Year of the Tiger, and their enthusiasm has increased.

The Spring Festival is approaching, and in the past two weeks, traditional businesses have been preparing for the Spring Festival.

In terms of sales, this year (2022) will be a series of transfer beads with the theme of the Year of the Tiger, including this ancient-like product, which will be more popular among consumers.

  [Explanation] Experts said that gold sales peak around the Spring Festival every year, reflecting that people's living standards are gradually improving.

She also reminded that for gold investors, it is not recommended to buy gold jewelry.

The craftsmanship and shape of the jewelry will affect the price, which is not conducive to the preservation of value.

  【同期】中国外汇投资研究院院长、经济学家 谭雅玲

  Because jewelry may include its gold content, including its degree of craftsmanship, it may be quite different from the pure gold investment product that preserves value, and it may also have a fashion in jewelry. The issue of the cycle, for example, your property has passed this year, and it may be changed to another property next year. If you want to redeem it and sell it back, it may still be more important than the year at that time. It has some Constraints and limitations.

  [Explanation] In addition to accessories, the enthusiasm of consumers to buy gold bars has also been relatively high recently.

As an industry insider, Li Yang reminded that consumers should pay attention to the difference between jewelry gold bars and investment gold bars, and buy them according to their needs.

  [Concurrent] Li Yang, a staff member of Caibai Co., Ltd.

  When consumers buy, one is an ordinary gold bar of this kind of jewelry, which may be processed by some traditional techniques. This kind of gold bar may have a better appearance, including packaging, and is suitable for collection and gifting.

On the other hand, if I buy gold bars for investment purposes, then it is suggested that investors can buy some of these ordinary investment gold bars, including some with some zodiac signs. When such gold bars are realized in the future, then their own Profits will be more generous.


  【同期】中国外汇投资研究院院长、经济学家 谭雅玲


  记者 王世博 北京报道