On January 19, the sky of Wugong Mountain in Jiangxi Province appeared a beautiful landscape of the sun and the moon shining together.

At the monument of the century located at Jinding, the highest peak of Wugong Mountain, on the side of the inscription "Jinding", the clouds and mists are like waves, a red sun is rising from the sea of ​​clouds, the golden light is dazzling, and the sea is full of golden waves; On the side of the word "Wugong Mountain", the bright moon is in the sky, and the silver light is rushing down.

The sea of ​​​​clouds seems to be far away from the sky, but also seems to be close at hand, changing and interesting.

The rare auspicious beauty has attracted many tourists to take pictures.

Photo by Liu Yunchi

Release time: 2022-01-20 09:44:22 【Editor: Yang Yanyu】