In our

Minute Papillon



, it's our Thursday meeting “La Bulle”, which talks about us, about ourselves.

Getting out of your comfort zone, facing difficulties, revealing that we have more strength within us than we thought.

Without having to go to the end of the world.

By taking a regional train, a bicycle, a van: the adventure begins at your doorstep.

The micro-adventure is the playground of Amélie Deloffre, herself an adventurer, communicator, entrepreneur.

From a newsletter, the thirties wrote the book

2 days to live: 1 Saturday + 1 Sunday + sometimes 1 RTT

, published

at Gallimard, before creating "the micro-adventure school".

An ode to nature, to overcome your fear of the unknown, to sleep outside, to get started...

What does it mean to live for oneself, with others?

In this episode, to listen to below, Amélie Deloffre, who until the age of 18 was very shy, made the choice to go on an adventure alone. The triggering moment was her mother's stroke, just before her baccalaureate. “My mother, I've never seen her take time for herself. She worked all her life saying to herself: “there will be retirement, I will take care [then] of myself”. (…) I was very sad for her, because I said to myself that she had not lived for her. And subconsciously, at 18, I chose that I was going to live”.

"The adventure opened me to the world", reveals the one who traveled Patagonia by bike at 21 years old. “It was learning the hard way, I faced my fears and my blockages. And since then, I have never stopped, ”she adds. The micro-adventure has changed the life of Amélie Deloffre, and today, she invites others to get started, even broke. “Life has proven to me that people are always there to help you, super benevolent, whereas I was always told “pay attention to people”, and that I was so afraid of people (…) 99 % of people are just amazing and generous”.

The rest of this interview can be listened to in the player above.

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