Full screen "Hahaha" barrage, the main theme legal education film "Guardian Liberation West" became popular

  A few days ago, "Guardian Jiefang West" made a high-profile comeback in the third season. It has been aired for more than ten days and has now been laughed at by netizens as "a goddess". Since the first season aired in 2019, the word-of-mouth of "Guardian Jiefang West" has been lost. Crashed, surprisingly stable.

This documentary filmed the daily work of the police officers of the Changsha Pozi Street Police Station, and also did a good job of popularizing the law for everyone.

But this documentary can be hot out of the circle, there are many industry documentaries, why is this series so "showy".

Take advantage of the platform features to accurately hit the audience strike zone

  "The World", which focuses on the medical industry, "80 Days of Jinyintan", which focuses on the epidemic, and "I Repair Cultural Relics in the Forbidden City", which focuses on cultural relics. The impermanence of life and death is full of emotion. The artisan spirit and traditional culture of the cultural relic industry are exciting, and the police industry documentaries seem to have no good works until "Guardian Liberation West" turned out.

  "Guardian Liberation West" was broadcast on station B, which captured the tonality of the platform very well.

Station B is a fairly young platform. "Guardian Liberation West" also does not use the usual serious, objective, and simple lens language of traditional documentaries. The whole film is fast-paced, and the various subtitles are almost like variety shows. Not sticking to major cases or serious cases, the various "records of drunken bewilderment behaviors" in "Guarding the Liberation West" sounded the alarm bell of being careful drunk while entertaining.

The third season is still full of high-energy, amateur illegitimate meals make trouble in Pozi Street, couples abuse each other and become famous at the police station, 13-year-old girl is pregnant and her biological father is not a boyfriend... The screenwriter of this plot will call it outrageous.

"Guardian Liberation West", which is full of "Hahaha" barrages, is indeed quite grounded, which is also reminiscent of "1818 Golden Eye", which is popular all over the Internet. Life is far more exciting than drama.

Industry documentaries, lively and professional

  However, some people also questioned whether "Guardian Liberation West", as an industry documentary, is suspected of being "overly lively".

The brisk rhythm and tonality really caters to the viewing needs of young audiences, and it is also suitable for the dissemination of topics in the new media era. However, if it is too lively, legal programs also have the risk of losing the law and over-entertainment.

  In the third season of "Guardian Liberation West", it is quite clever to add Luo Xiang's talk about criminal law. Luo Xiang himself is very accepted among young people, and his analysis of the case from a professional perspective makes this season more professional. The previous two seasons were much stronger.

  Judging from the current audience's evaluation, the third season of "Guardian Liberation West" is indeed a highly observable industry documentary, but the shallow handling of cases has also aroused the dissatisfaction of some audiences, such as the case of a 13-year-old girl's pregnancy. Few viewers think that the case itself has a lot of content worth exploring, which should have played a very good warning role, and it should not be taken lightly.

  However, the "Guardian Liberation West" series is still worthy of recognition. This program is not only an industry documentary, but also a legal education film for the general public.

From the perspective of popular science, its vivid and lively methods can be regarded as the direction of experimentation. From the perspective of documentary creation, the creative idea of ​​putting aside the fixed mindset may bring inspiration to documentaries in other industries.

  Yangzi Evening News | Ziniu News reporter Shen Zhao