As a result of a private testing institution in the prefecture requesting a medical institution in Osaka to report to a health center for those who are positive in the PCR test, about 900 people have been in Osaka prefecture since December 29, last month. It was revealed that it seems that it was counted as the number of infected people.

According to Okinawa Prefecture, one of the private testing institutions in the prefecture has requested medical institutions in Osaka since the 29th of last month to make a diagnosis for about 900 people who collected samples in the prefecture and tested positive in the PCR test. However, since this medical institution had reported to the local health center, it seems that it was counted as the number of infected people in Osaka Prefecture.

According to the prefecture, this testing institution initially asked a doctor in the prefecture for a diagnosis, but because the number of cases that could be dealt with due to the rapid spread of infection exceeded the number, it was requested to a medical institution in Osaka.

Even if an infected person residing in Okinawa is notified to a health center outside the prefecture, the Okinawa health center will be contacted to confirm the person's health condition.

In order to keep up with such responses, Okinawa Prefecture will make adjustments so that medical institutions in Osaka will report directly to health centers in Okinawa Prefecture.