"China Vocal Music Talent Training Program" concludes Lei Jia: Helping the future of vocal music art

  Recently, the 3rd "Shenzhen Vocal Music Season · Chinese Vocal Music Talents Training Program" with famous singer, vice chairman of China Music Association and doctoral tutor Lei Jia as the initiator and artistic director came to a successful conclusion. The series of course videos of "Master Open Class" have also been produced, and are available for free on several major video platforms such as Tencent, Youku, iQiyi, and Sohu.

  In August 2008, Lei Jia participated in the "Olympic Music Torch Relay" event and sang the Olympic music national ceremony "Song of the 56 Nationalities of China", so he was well known to the audience all over the country.

Since then, she has starred in a series of classic opera works such as "The White-Haired Girl", "Mulan" and "The Daughter of the Party", which are deeply loved by the audience.

  While constantly improving herself, Lei Jia has also been paying attention to the future development of her vocal career.

She launched the "Shenzhen Vocal Music Season", and together with experts in various fields such as vocal music educators, composers, conductors, theorists, opera directors and art directors, she gave guidance to vocal music learners and built a platform to help young vocal music talents realize their dreams and set sail.

  Adhering to the original intention of importing high-quality young power into the vocal music industry and illuminating the artistic path for young performers, Lei Jia and many industry experts have launched the "Shenzhen Vocal Music Season" for three consecutive years.

The third event in 2021 will be based on the teaching structure of the previous two sessions. It will adopt the model of "promoting learning through competition, promoting performance through learning, and applying learning", and invite industry experts with rich theoretical and practical experience to lead the way. People, help young dream chasers take off.

  In this open class, masters gathered to help students quickly build the thinking of processing works with diversified teaching. The students also responded enthusiastically, saying that they have benefited a lot.

Student Li Beibei said that Mr. Huang Ying's open class is frank and vivid, and the teaching methods are colorful; Mr. Shi Yijie's open class is to the point, clear and clear, and has a unique understanding of the style of the work; Mr. Liao Changyong's open class Full of wit, it can quickly bring students into the artistic conception of the work with unique appeal, and naturally follow his ideas to understand the connotation of the work.

  Lei Jia believes that it is the responsibility of an art practitioner to take care of the younger generation. "During my growth, I often went to trouble my teachers. This is an artistic inheritance, but also a spiritual one. So I also hope to do my best to help these young people and help them grow up.”

  Text / reporter Shou Penghuan