China News Service, Nanning, January 19 (Lin Hao Huang Lingyan) Huang Hailong, President of the Higher People's Court of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said in Nanning on the 19th that the Guangxi court system severely cracked down on "smuggling with epidemics" and obstructing epidemic prevention and control. 761 cases involving 2,153 people were concluded, and 64 "smugglers" and smugglers were severely punished.

  On the same day, Huang Hailong made the above remarks when he delivered a report on the work of the court to the General Assembly at the fifth meeting of the Thirteenth People's Congress of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

  At present, the global new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread, and virus mutants have appeared in many countries.

Guangxi has a long border line, scattered villages, and many access roads. The task of "foreign prevention and importation" of epidemic prevention and control is arduous.

Especially in the recent series of illegal entry cases, some smugglers tested positive for nucleic acid, which brought a severe test to Guangxi's epidemic prevention and control.

  According to the data provided by the Guangxi High Court on the same day, in 2021, Guangxi will accept 319 foreign-related criminal cases of first instance, of which more than 60% are crimes of illegally crossing the border.

  Mao Zhonghua, the chief procurator of the People's Procuratorate of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, also said on the same day that Guangxi pays close attention to risks such as illegal entry and exit of border personnel and smuggling of frozen goods. Up 110.4%.

  In order to ensure the fast trial and conclusion of the above-mentioned cases, the Guangxi court system has established a professional trial team, and jointly issued the "Notice on Severely Severely Combatting Illegal and Criminal Acts Obstructing National (Border) Management" with the procuratorial, public security, judicial and other departments. possible charges.

  At the same time, Guangxi cracked down and severely punished the ringleaders of the case, the participants who played a major role in the common crime, and the smugglers with the epidemic. According to the law, 23 persons including Lin were publicly sentenced in court for the case of obstructing national (border) management, which played a powerful role. deterrent effect.

  In addition, the Guangxi court system actively cooperated with the "National Sword" campaign, severely punished smuggling crimes in accordance with the law, and concluded 252 cases with 611 persons.

  In order to fully protect the litigation rights of the parties, Guangxi provides interpreters for foreign defendants who do not speak Chinese, and provides legal aid services for foreign defendants through the Legal Aid Center.

In view of the difficulty in escorting the defendant out of the detention center for court hearings during the epidemic, we coordinated multiple departments to use remote video for court hearings to improve trial efficiency.

  Huang Hailong said that in the next step, Guangxi will take the handling of foreign-related criminal cases, especially foreign-related criminal cases of illegally crossing the border, as the focus of work, and punish cross-border crimes with heavier, faster and stricter punishment.

Deepen judicial assistance exchanges with ASEAN countries, form a joint force in combating transnational crimes, and maintain regional security and stability.