• Actor Gaspard Ulliel died on Wednesday in Grenoble (Isère), at the age of 37, after being the victim of a serious skiing accident on Tuesday.

  • If he began his career at the age of 13, it was in the early 2000s, with his performances in

    Embrace who you will

    by Michel Blanc and

    Les Egarés

    by André Téchiné that he was spotted by the profession and the public.

  • Among his most notable roles, that of Yves Saint Laurent in Laurent Bonello's biopic and the main character of

    Just the end of the world

    by Xavier Dolan, which won him the César for best actor in 2017.

Audiences have seen him grow and mature on screen.

The final image that a camera will have captured of him will leave him frozen forever in his 37 years.

Gaspard Ulliel died on Wednesday.

He was hospitalized at the Grenoble University Hospital (Isère) after being the victim, Tuesday afternoon, of a skiing accident in La Rosière (Savoie).

According to the resort, he collided with another skier at the crossroads of two blue runs.

The gendarmes had made it known that his vital prognosis was engaged.

French cinema prematurely lost one of its discreet stars, whose celebrity did not inspire people magazines and who, despite his fame, was rarely talked about outside of his films.

If Gaspard Ulliel began his career in his early teens, he was 18 when he really entered the radar of the profession.

His appearance in

Embrace who you want

by Michel Blanc in 2002, then his performance opposite Emmanuelle Béart in

Les Egarés

by André Téchiné the following year suggested that the big screen was going to have to reckon with him.

If he was named in the best male hopeful category at the Césars for these roles, it was for

A long engagement Sunday

by Jean-Pierre Jeunet that he won the trophy, that of the second male role, in 2005.

“At 25, I thought I had a real career behind me”

We could then have thought that he was on the train of success. Gus Van Sant recruited him for his segment in the sketch film

Paris je t'aime

in 2006, Laurent Boutonnat saw him as his twenty-something

Jacquou le Croquant

 in 2007 and, the same year, he portrayed a young Hannibal Lecter in

Les Origins of Evil

by Peter Webber. Prestigious on paper, these works did not obtain the expected public and critical success.

“At 25, I thought I had a real career behind me.

And then there was a delicate turning point, I changed physically and made films that were less successful.

So, at 31, on the contrary, I have the impression of being at the start of something, of another perspective.

I am finally master of my own path, ”he told


in 2017.

To Grazia, two years later, he confided: “It was Bertrand Bonello and 

Saint Laurent

 who defined me as an actor.

In the role of the couturier, this son of designers and muse of


de Chanel, has literally put on a new costume, taking on a new density, giving to see beyond his good looks as a young first.

Admittedly, the feature film recorded just under 360,000 admissions, facing competition from

Yves Saint Laurent

, another biopic, signed Jalil Lespert, which, released a few months earlier and more mainstream, brought together 1.6 million people in the rooms.

But even if, during the 2015 Césars, Gaspard Ulliel lost to Pierre Niney in the YSL match in the best actor category, his performance did not go unnoticed.

“I needed some sort of approval from my peers”

Quebec director Xavier Dolan has contacted him again to offer him the lead role in his adaptation of

Just the End of the World

, the play by Jean-Luc Lagarce.

The film left the 2016 Cannes Film Festival with the Grand Jury Prize and, at the 2017 Césars, the return match for the best actor statuette was played.

This time, while Pierre Niney was nominated for


by François Ozon, it was Gaspard Ulliel who won.

“I needed a kind of approval from my peers, he will admit to



Il was a second time

, a mini-series by Guillaume Nicloux, was broadcast in 2019 on Arte. .

Little by little, this feeling of illegitimacy, of imposture, I manage to mourn it.


If he had concentrated in recent years on auteur cinema, with the desire to defend bold proposals, Gaspard Ulliel also said his desire to find more accessible roles, more mainstream.

This is no doubt why he joined the cast of

Moon Knight

, a mini-series produced by Marvel Studios and which will arrive at the end of March on Disney+.

He holds one of the main roles, that of Anton Mogart, giving the reply to Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke.

This could have been a new milestone in his career if his trajectory had not come to an abrupt halt one afternoon in January.


"There was a second time": "No break can erase the time of a love", confides Gaspard Ulliel

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Gaspard Ulliel: "We felt in danger on the set of "The Ends of the World""

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