YouTuber Freesia (real name Song Ji-ah), who was noisy due to the 'fake controversy', acknowledged and apologized for her mistake, but announced that it would take legal action against reckless malicious rumors.

On the 19th, Hyowon CNC CEO Kim Hyo-jin, to which Freesia belongs, made an official statement and said, "I am inevitably conveying the company's position as malicious rumors about Freesia are spreading." "First, I apologize. Everything is my responsibility." .

CEO Kim said, "It is the company's responsibility to check the styling of the creator's broadcast appearance, but I didn't check it properly because I thought respecting Jia's own styling would be more intimately communicating with the subscribers. Jun co-founder Kang Ye-won, an actress, has no face,” he said, bowing his head.

However, CEO Kim said, "It is also the company's responsibility to hold the creators who are ignorant of intellectual property rights so that they can have the right concept, so I deserve all the criticism as the manager. Therefore, we would like to state our position on this.” He added, "I earnestly say again that this announcement is not an excuse for wearing fakes."

First, about the rumor that 'Hyowon CNC was made with overseas sponsor capital', CEO Kim said, "Hyowon CNC is a startup company that I and actress Kang Ye-won started with small capital.“I have never received any form of investment, including investment A,” he said.

In response to the allegations that 'the company obtained Freesia's trimase house and created a golden spoon character', CEO Kim said, "Jia never gave even a penny to get a house. In the normal management category, I support creators and support my dreams. There was no financial support other than what we made together.”

He explained that the luxury apartment where Freesia resides is "a rental house that Jia signed a contract with by collecting a deposit with the money she earned while working as a model after entering university and working as a creator with us."

In response to the criticism that 'Freesia introduced fakes pretending to be genuine', CEO Kim emphasized, "I didn't lie." CEO Kim said, "The reason why the luxury howl video on the YouTube channel of 'Free Zia' was treated privately was not because the fake was introduced as genuine, but because the accessories he was wearing were fake, so the entire video was privately processed." Free Jia has never introduced a fake product as a luxury item. All of the images and photos that are left are genuine products. All receipts can be verified."

Recently, Freesia has been embroiled in controversy that the luxury items she wore in the YouTube video and the outfits she showed off in Netflix's 'Solo Hell' were fakes, not genuine ones. In response, Freesia posted on her SNS directly, admitting that "the controversy over fakes is partly true," apologized, and deleted all of the content that exposed fakes.However, even after Freesia's apology, various allegations related to him arose, and the controversy did not subside.

In the end, CEO Kim, who made an official position at the company level, said, "After Freesia's apology, I humbly accept the comments of sound criticism and use them as an opportunity for reflection, but malicious rumors have appeared one after another other than the controversy over wearing fakes, and the contents are reported as if they were true. We have made an official statement after confirming the facts.”

In the future, we will take legal action if there are cases of personal damage or defamation due to malicious profanity, slander, malicious rumors, and malicious postings with unfounded false facts.”

Reporter Kang Seon-ae   

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)