Last month, police found three murder-robbery suspects in the dismantling business in a house in Ikuno-ku, Osaka, where an 82-year-old man was found murdered by being beaten in the face and head. I was arrested on suspicion.

He said, "I knew I had a lot of money at home."

On the 1st of last month, in a room on the second floor of a house in Ikunohigashi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka, Katsuya Kawasaki (82), who lives in this house, was found murdered by being hit in the face and head.

After that, it was found that the room had been scrutinized, and as a result of the police investigation, the dismantling business in Yao City, Osaka, Masakazu Kurekawa (44) and his wife Sasaki Kurekawa (23), architecture A worker, Toshio Nogi (58), was arrested on the night of the 19th on suspicion of robbery and murder for being involved in the case.

According to the police, when a suspicious truck and a passenger car that had been parked nearby at the time of the incident were investigated from the images of the security cameras around the scene, it was found that they were parked on the premises of the suspect's company in Yao City. It means that.

Police have not disclosed the approval or disapproval of the three, but in response to any investigation before the arrest, Masakazu Kurekawa said, "I knew there was a lot of money at home." ..

The point of contact between the three and Mr. Kawasaki is unknown, and the police are investigating in more detail, including the circumstances leading up to the incident.