On the evening of January 16, the inaugural voyage ceremony of the new generation of Yangtze River high-end cruise ship "Changjiang No. 3" was held at Pier 23 of Wuhan Port.

  "Changjiang No. 3" is a new generation of Yangtze River high-end cruise ship developed, designed and invested by CSC Group. It is also the first Yangtze River cruise ship to be built in China after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.

  "Changjiang No. 3" has a total length of 149.99 meters, a width of 23 meters, a depth of 4.7 meters, a design draft of 3 meters, a design speed of 25 kilometers per hour, and a maximum passenger capacity of 600 people.

The ship is equipped with an intelligent energy efficiency management system, a ship-shore integrated information management system, a navigation risk mitigation and auxiliary decision-making system, a panoramic image and video collision avoidance system, a crew behavior monitoring system, and a hotel management system.

  The inaugural voyage of "Changjiang No. 3" departed from Wuhan to Chongqing, which lasted nine days and eight nights. Tourists can enjoy the natural scenery of the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River, appreciate the rich history and culture of Bachu, taste the authentic delicacies of the Yangtze River, and enjoy the fashion drama written and performed by the cruise ship staff. .

  (Reporter Zou Hao)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]