In March of last year, the defendant's trial was accused of trying to kill more than 70 people inside by sprinkling gasoline in a multi-tenant building in Tokushima City where a local idol's music live was held. The lay judge trial began in the Tokushima District Court, and the defendant admitted the charges.

Shigeru Okada (39), an unemployed person in Mugi Town, Tokushima Prefecture, was accused of attempted murder and arson in March last year for igniting gasoline to kill 74 people inside a multi-tenant building in Tokushima City. I am.

A local idol's music live was held in this building, the floor of the elevator hall was burnt, a man in his 50s was slightly burned, and about 70 people including the audience were evacuated.

In the lay judge trial that began in the Tokushima District Court, the defendant admitted the content of the indictment.

The prosecution said in the opening statement, "I had a grudge against the idol who was a fan and thought about returning to the office. I was watching a video about the Kyoto Animation incident on that day."

The lawyer said, "I thought the defendant couldn't commit suicide and could commit suicide by doing something that deviated from society. I didn't want to actively kill anyone."

In the case where a clinic was set on fire in a building in Osaka last month and 25 people were involved, a newspaper article about the Tokushima incident was also found in the house of the suspect who died, police interviews have revealed.

The trial will be concluded on the 21st of this month, and the decision will be on the 25th.