At Nihon University, where former president Hidetoshi Tanaka, the top of the school corporation, has been arrested and prosecuted, the first meeting of a meeting where outside experts consider reform plans was held. Maybe it was because he had decided the personnel affairs arbitrarily. "

At Nihon University, Hidetoshi Tanaka (75), who was the chairman of the university, was arrested and charged with tax evasion, and Tadao Inoguchi (64), who was a director of his aide, was arrested and charged with his lieutenant. The "Rebirth Conference" was launched by outside experts, and the first meeting was held in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on the 18th.

There are 11 members of the conference, including the presidents of multiple universities and experts in governance of organizations. Mr. Naoto Kato, President of Nihon University, said, I want to build a new path. "

According to former prosecutor Tsugio Yada, who was elected chairman, at the meeting on the 18th, "I think the background was that the former chairman had arbitrarily decided the personnel of directors and councilors." It means that an opinion came out.

The "Rebirth Meeting" will continue to hold meetings about once a week to discuss how to select directors and councilors and how governance should be, and to submit reform proposals to the university by the end of March. increase.