After several drone sightings at sensitive locations in Sweden, air traffic has been diverted at a Stockholm airport, according to a media report.

As the newspaper "Aftonbladet" reported on Tuesday evening, the police received reports of four large wing drones in Nacka in the greater Stockholm area.

Air traffic at Bromma Airport north of Stockholm was redirected in the evening.

At the Forsmark nuclear power plant, a good 100 kilometers north of the Swedish capital, drones are also being searched for.

In the past few days, reports of drones appearing in various places in the country where they are not actually allowed to fly.

Since then, the sightings have puzzled the Swedes: It is unclear who or what is behind them.

So far, the police have only confirmed that drones have been observed over the Forsmark and Oskarshamn nuclear power plants, around 350 kilometers to the south.

Investigations were initiated and partly handed over to the Swedish intelligence service Säpo.