"Health code pre-verification" function enabled

Red code and yellow code cannot buy bus tickets

  News from this newspaper (Reporter Song Min) On January 17, the reporter learned that in order to reduce the risk of epidemic spread during the Spring Festival, the "Yuzhou Xing", the online ticketing platform of Henan Passenger Transport, launched the "Health Code Pre-Verification" ticket purchasing system, making full use of big data. Realize "precise intelligent control" epidemic prevention.

This is also the first in Henan to realize the service function of automatic verification of health code for online ticket purchase.

  It is understood that the system is led by the Provincial Department of Transportation and coordinated with the Provincial Big Data Bureau and the "Henan Health Code" system for real-time docking, realizing the integration of health code joint prevention and control.

"Specifically, when passengers purchase real-name bus tickets online or handle customized passenger transport services, they can verify the status of the ticket purchaser's health code in advance as long as they enter the identity information for verification." The person in charge of the "Yuzhou Travel" platform said that if there is a yellow Code or red code, the platform will intercept it as soon as possible, and remind passengers to take the initiative to contact the local epidemic prevention and control personnel.

  It is reported that since the launch of this function, more than 1.16 million ticket purchasers have been verified and 926 ticket purchases intercepted through the "Yuzhou Travel" platform of the Henan Passenger Transport Network Ticketing System.