A so-called fool policeman - a figure in the Swabian-Alemannic fool landscape - has arrested two thieves on Lake Constance.

A witness had previously observed two thieves in Immenstaad who tore open packages lying in front of a property and made off with coffee packages, the police said.

The woman described her observations to the fool policeman, who had just "done his job with honor", and told him in detail what the thieves looked like.

"This lived up to its name," the officials said.

The fool recognized the thieves a short time later on the street, immediately notified the right police and started the pursuit.

The officers arrested the thieves and they are now under investigation.

The incident happened on Friday.

Fool policemen wear uniform skirts, soldier's hats or spiked helmets during the Fasnet and are supposed to show the fools the right way during parades.