As a result of examining dead chickens on a farm in Yachimata City, Chiba Prefecture, avian influenza virus was detected.

Chiba Prefecture is planning to slaughter about 66,000 chickens raised on this farm.

According to Chiba Prefecture, on the 18th, a farm in Yachimata City contacted the prefecture's Livestock Hygiene Service Center saying that "the number of cases in which domestic chickens die is increasing," and as a result of examining dead chickens, the bird flu virus was found. It means that it was detected.

The number of chickens dying on this farm is increasing, and some chickens have abnormalities such as lack of appetite.

The prefecture is slaughtering about 66,000 chickens raised on this farm to prevent the spread of the infection, and is restricting the movement and export of chickens in the surrounding area.

In addition, the prefectural office will hold a meeting of the countermeasures headquarters from 9:00 am on the 19th to confirm future measures.

This season's outbreak of bird flu in Chiba Prefecture is the second case following the detection of a duck bred at a facility in Ichikawa City last December.