Hard blow for Stéphane Plaza.

The M6 ​​host announced that he was robbed.

Thieves broke into his Marais apartment over the weekend to ransack his home.

If the star of

Search Apartment or House

has for the moment no idea of ​​all of what was stolen from him, he could see that the thugs went so far as to take… his electric razor!

“The balls, the balls, the balls.

Inevitably I am sad deep down and I will discover day after day the extent of what I miss (go and steal my electric razor, hats off).

There is more serious, it is only material, but it remains complicated and violent as an event, ”he shared on Instagram.

According to

Le Parisien

, the amount of the loot would amount to just over 15,000 euros.

Keep the smile

In Story, Stéphane Plaza also shared a photo where we can see him with police investigators, who came to take the fingerprints of the perpetrators of the crime.

The PAF star also made a statement, but not being present on the scene, and the neighbors having heard absolutely nothing, the police risk having quite a few clues.

Obviously still in shock, Stéphane Plaza has no intention of giving up and he has decided to start the year with a smile.

“I remain healthy, my loved ones too and I will continue to smile again and again.

No fear will come to block my path.

Let's shake life so it doesn't eat away at us, let's shake life so it doesn't cost us,” he concluded.

Come on, Happy New Year anyway!


Stéphane Plaza is still the favorite animator of the French

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