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Nobel Prize for Literature

Gabriel García Márquez

had a secret daughter more than 30 years ago with the journalist

Susana Cato,

as the journalist and writer

Gustavo Tatis Guerra

revealed on Monday, January 17, in the pages of

El Universal de Cartagena.

Dasso Sladívar,

García Márquez's biographer, started from a "rumor" shortly after the death in 2014 of the author of

One Hundred Years of Solitude


No One Writes to The Colonel

and investigated to confirm this story on his own.

After confirming the information and "keeping it secret for years out of respect for

Mercedes Barcha,

Gabo's wife, and their children," he contacted Tatis Guerra to make it public.

The journalist himself contrasted the information with some relatives of García Márquez.

The Colombian writer and Susana Cato knew each other and

had written scripts together for a feature film

and a short film, in addition to sharing other jobs.

Indira Cato

is a film producer who won more than 15 awards in 2020 with the production and script of her first documentary,

Take My Loves Away

(2014), directed by

Arturo González Villaseñor.

Tatis Guerra also reveals how this news was accepted at the García Márquez house.

In this sense, he recalls that

Rodrigo García Barcha,

Gabo's eldest son, gave a wink in his book

Gabo and Mercedes, a farewell,

by subtly alluding to his father's private life at the funerals at the

Palace of Fine Arts.

"It is very likely that Mercedes sensed what had happened between Susana and García Márquez, but

until the end of her life she maintained discretion and silence.

However, the revelation of Indira's existence was a family cataclysm that is only spoken of through of the tense and complex realm of law and lawyers," the information concludes.

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