This morning, Beijing held the 267th press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

At the press conference, Liao Lingzhu, a spokesman for the Beijing Postal Administration, informed that the international express mail received in connection with the confirmed cases in Haidian is as follows:

  The case received a document express from Toronto, Canada on January 11. The express arrived at Beijing Capital Airport on January 10, and arrived at the Beijing port of a courier company on January 11. After disinfection, it was transported to Haidian, Beijing. The terminal station in Zhongguancun, the outlet will be sterilized and then delivered. The recipient is the confirmed case in Haidian, and the receipt time is 14:41 on January 11.

  As close contacts, the courier and his family members have been quarantined in a centralized manner, the secondary nucleic acid test was negative, and the home sampling was not positive.

The other three employees had all negative nucleic acid tests on January 12, and they have all been vaccinated with the third booster shot. They are currently undergoing nucleic acid tests again.

All employees of the department where the dispatcher works have been quarantined in a centralized manner, and they cooperated with the flow and traceability as required, and cooperated with the epidemic prevention department to conduct environmental nucleic acid testing on the site. The sampling work was completed at 23:07 on January 15.

At present, the nucleic acid test is negative.

After investigation, it was found that the employees of the Beijing company where the dispatcher worked were eligible for the booster injection, and all of them completed the booster injection.

The video of the return visit shows that the sterilization of the outer packaging of the express has been implemented in accordance with the regulations.

  (Headquarters reporter Ji Lele and Fu Hailiang)