Four-year-old child bitten in cat cafe posts disclaimer

  There are many hidden dangers in "Internet celebrity" cat cafes

There are more and more cat cafes, and new hidden dangers such as safety and hygiene are worthy of attention.

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  Child bitten by cat

  A cat cafe is a store with cats as the main body. Consumers can not only taste drinks in the store, but also enjoy the joy of cuddling cats.

On the afternoon of January 9, in a cat cafe in Chaoyang District, Xuanxuan was bitten by a cat on her wrist.

  Later, Xuanxuan came to the community hospital for treatment.

"The doctor said that the skin is damaged and needs to be vaccinated against rabies, but there are two types of vaccines, 75 yuan and 300 yuan a shot. Under the doctor's advice, Xuanxuan received a 300 yuan shot of the vaccine, plus the treatment fee for 5 shots, a total of 1625 Yuan." Xuanxuan's mother, Ms. Zheng, said.

  Afterwards, Ms. Zheng hoped that the cat cafe would compensate for the vaccine and other related expenses.

The store owner said that according to the store regulations, the standard of compensation for vaccination is 500 yuan.

The store owner said and pointed to the "Instructions for Customers" posted above the door, which read: If consumers get scratched after purchasing insurance and need to be vaccinated against rabies, the store will bear the basic vaccination fee.

No insurance, scratches and bites will not be responsible for any medical expenses.

Ms. Zheng does not accept this kind of treatment.

  Under the mediation of the shopping mall, the store is willing to bear the vaccine cost of 1,625 yuan.

But after the child was vaccinated, he had a fever.

"The doctor said that it may be related to the adverse reaction of the vaccine." Ms. Zheng was angry and anxious.

After coordination, the two sides agreed to continue to communicate compensation matters after the child's fever subsided.

  site visit

  There are many hidden dangers in cat cafes

  The reporter visited and found that there are many hidden dangers behind the cat cafe.

From time to time on review sites, you can see comments from customers who have been scratched and bitten in cat cafes: "Dozens of dollars for cats and hundreds of dollars for injections."

  In order to avoid risks, cat cafes have posted statements invariably.

The door of the two cat cafes in Dongcheng District and Chaoyang District wrote a reminder that the cat was scratched and bitten by the cat, and the vaccine cost should be paid by yourself.

When customers enter a cat cafe in Dongcheng District, they also need to sign a warm reminder that the store cannot afford the cost of vaccines, "convenience for you and me, and avoid disputes".

  Some cat cafes have poor hygiene conditions.

Within two hours, a total of 4 cats in a cat cafe walked around on the table where the reporter was, and 3 cats sniffed the drinks on the table.

"The cat can go to the table casually, sneeze on the table, the food is covered with cat hair, and one eats our ice cream," said one consumer.

  Lawyer's statement

  How can the disclaimer be posted

  Wei Xiaodong, a lawyer from Beijing Huiyuan Law Firm, said that the operator's statement that "no insurance will not be compensated" or "you need to bear the cost of the vaccine if you are bitten by a cat" violates the provisions of the Consumer Rights Protection Law and has no legal effect. , it cannot be exempted from its legal responsibilities.

  "Cats are animals after all, and they have certain dangers." Wei Xiaodong believes that cat cafe operators must always put the protection of consumers' legitimate rights and interests in the first place.

The first is to operate legally and obtain the corresponding business qualifications; the second is to pay attention to animal quarantine and the hygiene of the business premises; the third is to have emergency plans, and once consumers are injured, there must be special procedures to be rescued by professionals; the fourth is to be correct The operator cannot shirk responsibility, so as to avoid the expansion of damage due to disputes between the two parties and delay in treatment.

Our reporter Shi Yue