Yasmine Sabry's father attacks her and backs down: Sheikha, my hero is a lie

Ashraf Sabry, the father of the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, responded to statements made by his daughter, in which the artist claimed that "she lived a simple life and did not buy what she wanted in her childhood", attacking her in "sharp" terms.

But he quickly deleted his comment.

And the media circulated what Yasmine Sabry’s father wrote on his account on “Facebook”: “Is lying to the extent that it reaches this degree? I understand the lies when you remain arrogant and tell me that I come from a large family and foreign schools and I lived in a Saraya and my door was a minister and he works as a worker! Keep his justified lie! But one woman was born to her, a maid who wears clothes from Paris, because I was going to get her to wear her from there, and she entered the “EGC” school..the most prestigious Alexandrian school in her time, and she lived in a villa with a swimming pool and a gym, and she had a private room with her bathroom, and she was dull, and I went out, and oh Dob succeeds in wellness by fifty per cent, and she used to go to the college in good health, and I wake her up every morning so that she goes to the college and goes twice a year, and the dean of the Beirut College of Information is present and testifies..I always went to offer apologies and medical certificates to return to the college and its certificates to me are all like a rub and her father is a doctor..I am looking forward. She claims that she lived a miserable and miserable life and completes the rest of the month without money!

And the father of the Egyptian artist continued: "What lies and this retarded movie? Are you living in an acting role that you inherited from your mother's grandfather, Syed Suleiman? Why do you blame me?

Will you take a reason for your disappointment, poverty, connection and the rest of you?

For your father, you are a family, and I do not understand what you are doing except that you distort the one who raised you because people despise you..even your brother with his gift for his long life beside you and he comes from the end of the world for you!”

He concluded his post by saying: "O my sheikh, my hero that you are in, and God suffices and is the best agent in you. My hero will answer the biography of your family, your father, who raised you from you to God."

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