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Every Saturday, it is therefore here that you will find our favorites (or not), all the crisp information and the indiscretions of the week.

Come on, let's take a look at the TV news?

number of the week

Everything is rolling for Julien Courbet on M6.

This Saturday, the channel welcomed the audiences made by its host and

It can happen to you

, offered every morning.

The show recorded its best all-time week with the general public with an 8% market share on this target.

In total, 400,000 viewers are connected to the cases resolved (most of the time) by the host and his team.

The sentence of the post

Issa Doumbia intends to move away from television sets.

On Instagram, the comedian ranted saying that he "far" preferred the scene.

"Talking while forgetting that the walls have ears... I'm going to slow down the small screen!"

We will say that playing for an audience is more fun.

The return is sincere!

People are real,” he said.

His latest novelty,

Back to 1991

on W9, convinced only 300,000 people, or 1.5% of the public, last December.

Speakerine news

Before moving on to zapping, how about a video break to watch what awaits us on TV from Monday?

Fiction, entertainment and presidential election are on the agenda.

The zapping moment

On Sunday, Stromae offered us the first striking TV moment of the year on the set of

20 Hours

of TF1 by interpreting, to everyone's surprise, the title


in the middle of an interview.

Like any good sequence, this performance was parodied the next day in

C à Vous


To the question "Did you have a good weekend, Bertrand?"

Asked by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, a few musical notes sounded before Bertrand Chameroy took the floor.

Much too corporate this @bchameroy 🙈

Find the ABC, in full: https://t.co/c3IwVbI3L4#CàVous pic.twitter.com/SFc2g7P9zw

— C to you (@cavousf5) January 10, 2022

“The sequence at the start of the year, well, I simply missed it.

Everyone talks about it but I missed it.

Because yes… I watched the

20 Hours

of France 2 yesterday, I'm not very proud of it.

But Delahousse's brushing was really great, ”sang the columnist, proclaiming his sadness at having tuned into the public channel rather than TF1, like seven million people.

Popcorn info

He was a columnist, he becomes an animator again. This week, Cyril Hanouna announced the return of

TPMP People

, a program “which had been a huge success” according to the producer, and which Matthieu Delormeau will be in charge of. Previously broadcast on Fridays, the program will now be offered on Saturdays in access prime time on C8. The first issue will follow on January 29 from 7:10 p.m. and 9:15 p.m.

Wave of departures in the Hautes-Alpes. The place where

Alex Hugo


has visibly become a constraint for the actors and actresses of the series. After Lionnel Astier who announced that he was leaving the fiction of France 3 last May, it is the turn of Maryline Canto to take the same path. "I really liked playing in Alex Hugo, but it's very demanding because we shoot between June and October and are sometimes blocked on site by the weather," she told

Télé 7 Jours

. Don't worry, Commissioner Dorval will still be on the air for a few episodes.

Broadcast in the second part of the evening following

Why Women Kill , M6 did not really give

This Is Us

a chance


Around 260,000 followers still tuned into the channel to follow the fifth season and, sometimes, its four episodes in a row!

Due to a lack of audience, M6 decided to deprogram the American series.

For the few fans who want to see the rest of the adventures of the Pearson family, go to 6Play.


Martin Blachier criticizes "Quotidien" and its "rude and harsh" journalists


The secrets of the preparation and filming of Stromae's performance at TF1's "20 Heures"

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