In Hokkaido, it was confirmed on the 15th that a total of 695 people were infected with the new coronavirus.

The breakdown is 367 including 16 re-positives in Sapporo, 19 in Asahikawa, 10 in Hakodate, 24 in Otaru, 107 in Ishikari, 43 in Kushiro, and 28 in Sorachi. , 18 in Kamikawa and Kushiro, 13 in Okhotsk, 11 in Shiribeshi, 9 in Hiyama, 8 in Rume and Tokachi, 2 in Watashima, 1 in Nemuro, and , There are 6 people outside of Hokkaido who announced that the road is "Other".

It is the first time in about eight months since May 23, last year that the number of confirmed infections exceeds 600 per day.

As a result, the total number of infected people in Hokkaido is 63,937, including the total of 38,946 in Sapporo, and the number of people who have died is 1,477.