"Nashat" raises the ridicule of the communication sites. A Lebanese man who claims to be a prophet and calls for a vegetarian diet deprives Egyptians of his "paradise"!

The Lebanese astrological forecaster, Carmen Shammas, sparked widespread ridicule on social media, after she hosted on her program a person called "Nashat", claiming that he is a new prophet sent from heaven.

Shammas appeared in a video clip sitting next to the "alleged messenger" who carried a stick and drew incomprehensible shapes on his forehead. And she said: "Congratulations to Lebanon with the presence of Al-Hakim on its land. Yes, congratulations to us, with the presence of a messenger from heaven to help people and the earth, starting from the land of beloved Lebanon." She added: "If you were seeing, you would have seen the light over Lebanon two weeks ago, and you would have felt strongly the divine light, and if you had meditated a little, you would have known that you are now safer under the wing of the bright light." While the new Mutanabbi spoke, calling people to a "vegetarian diet", threatening those who do not believe in him with earthquakes and earthquakes.

After recording subsequent videos with Shammas and broadcasting them on YouTube, "Nashat Majd Al-Nour" faced widespread ridicule, especially from Egyptian followers and activists, which prompted him to write on his pages on the communication sites, "It is forbidden to enter Egyptians," while addressing the Syrians, he said that he would be the savior and savior for them from what he called "the ordeal." in which they live.”

In a video he recorded after the earthquake in Cyprus last week, which was felt by the Egyptians, Nashaat said, "I do not want to tell you that I am behind this tremor. But later you will know everything."

And the communication sites ridiculed the claimant Al-Mutanabbi, describing him as (reckless), (the spoiler in the earth), (the charlatan), and (the thinness of his speech and his blasphemy against religion), and (calling him to repent and seek forgiveness and stop his sorcery and heresies).

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