At the beginning of the year, His Majesty the Emperor held a lecture at the Imperial Palace, where he could receive lectures from researchers in various fields.

The "Beginning of the Lecture" was held on the 14th at the "Matsu no Ma" in the Imperial Palace, and His Majesty the Emperor received lectures from three researchers along with the imperial family and academics.

The Empress was refrained from attending because she was not feeling well.

First, Professor Katsumi Mimaki of Kyoto University discussed "Bon religion", which is said to be the indigenous religion of Tibet, and explained that it has developed while interacting with Buddhism and has left a great mark on Tibetan culture. did.

Next, Keijiro Otsuka, a specially appointed professor at Kobe University, who specializes in development economics, said that in Africa, where food shortages are a concern, cultivation technology is a condition for a "green revolution" in which rice production increases significantly as in Asia. I pointed out that the guidance of is important.

Finally, Professor Takeo Kanade of Carnegie Mellon University argued that AI = artificial intelligence could well serve as an "amplifier" for the human brain as research progresses.

The lecture lasted for nearly an hour, and His Majesty the Emperor and the imperial family listened enthusiastically.