In a motion to retrial the so-called "Osaki case" that occurred in Kagoshima prefecture 43 years ago = to redo the trial, the defense team submitted a final opinion reasserting that it was an accident rather than a murder.

The court will decide whether to approve the retrial after receiving explanations from both the defense team and the prosecution.

In the "Osaki Incident" that occurred in Osaki Town, Kagoshima Prefecture in 1979, Ayako Haraguchi (94) was sentenced to 10 years in prison for murder and other charges for murdering her brother-in-law.

Mr. Haraguchi's lawyers, who have consistently complained of innocence, argued that the death of his brother-in-law was due to a bicycle accident and the poor response of the surroundings in the fourth request for retrial that began in a quiet manner. This month, I submitted my final opinion to the Kagoshima District Court.

He held a press conference on the 13th, emphasizing in the final opinion that the expert opinion on the time of death and the cause of death, which had already been submitted as new evidence, was to clarify that it was not a murder. I explained that there is.

Yumi Kamoshida, Executive Secretary of the defense team, said, "The proof of the evidence submitted in the fourth retrial request is extremely strong. Ayako will be 95 years old in June and must be acquitted of the retrial. I'm talking.

On the 28th of this month, the court will receive explanations from both the defense team and the prosecution, and then decide whether to approve the retrial.