Governor Koike of Tokyo told economic organizations to inspect and formulate a BCP = business continuity plan in preparation for employee absenteeism, saying that there is concern that the infection of the new coronavirus will spread rapidly and the foundation of social activities will be greatly shaken. And so on.

Governor Koike of Tokyo exchanged opinions online with Kengo Sakurada, the secretary-general of the Keizai Doyukai, on the morning of the 12th.

In this, Governor Koike expressed a strong sense of crisis, saying, "The rapid expansion of Omicron strains is causing infection at an unprecedented speed. Not only the medical field but also the foundation of society will be greatly shaken."

In addition, assuming that more than 10% of employees are absent, we requested that they check the BCP = business continuity plan and call on companies that have not yet formulated a new one.

He also requested that telework be strengthened by utilizing the support measures of the city.

In response, Secretary-general Sakurada responded, "I would like to proceed with both telework and BCP as a matter of course. We must take the opportunity of Corona to work on new work styles and productivity reforms."

Governor Koike will make a similar request to Keidanren from the afternoon.