Pop singer Charlie Puth comforted an aspiring actor who wasn't accepted into the college he wanted.

He also delivered a warm video message saying that he himself was rejected by five famous universities, but that he has succeeded like this now.

On the 11th local time, American media 'People' reported the heartwarming story of Mr. Axel Weber, who dreams of becoming an actor, by posting a video of his acting on SNS.

Axel, who recently applied to the world's best performing arts school, 'Jilliard School' in Manhattan, New York, uploaded a video confirming whether or not he was accepted on his social media.

Unfortunately, the result was a disappointment, and after reading the rejection letter from Julliard, he said, "Now I have to find another way to become an actor."

In the video, Axel's eyes were filled with tears, and her upset heart was conveyed as it was.

However, Charlie Puth commented on Mr. Axel's video.

He commented, "I was also eliminated from the Juilliard. But in the end, my music life turned out well. When I was eliminated, I cried too."

Later, Charlie Puth also posted a separate video message for Mr. Axel on his social media account.

In the video, Charlie Puth comforted him with sincerity, saying, "At the time, I also thought that going to a good school would help my career. But more important than which school you go to is yourself."

Charlie Puth, who failed not only the Juilliard School but also five famous colleges, later succeeded in attending Berkeley College of Music, but he said, "Going to a specific school doesn't mean you'll have a better career. There are more important things to success than college." and expressed his thoughts.

At the same time, Charlie Puth told Axel, "Everyone goes through rejection in life. I know it's hard to accept, but that experience brings out inner creativity. I believe," he said warmly.

Finally, Charlie Puth encouraged Mr. Axel by saying, "Axel, don't worry. I watched a lot of your videos and your acting was good. You are special. You will definitely succeed."

In addition, along with the video, we added the words 'I dedicate this video to Axel and all those who have experienced the pain of dropping out', adding warmth.

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