The government must rewrite by the end of April the decrees governing the skills of nurses working in operating theaters, canceled by the Council of State at the request of unions of surgeons and private clinics.

Seven years after the creation of their "exclusive acts", the 8,500 operating room nurses (Ibode) are still not numerous enough "to prevent the risk of undermining the proper functioning of operating theaters", ruled the Council of State in a decision released on December 30.

"A legal risk"

The 21,300 other non-specialized nurses also working in surgery are thus led to exceed their skills and therefore “likely to be exposed to a legal risk”.

However, a majority of them (12,700) were "temporarily authorized" to perform three acts theoretically reserved for Ibode: "help with exposure (of the organs), aspiration and haemostasis (stopping the bleeding). ) ”, Subject to minimum experience and short training to be validated before 2026.

But despite this arrangement, in practice the “exclusive competence” of the Ibodes often remains infringed, including for other acts such as the installation of drains or sutures.

"We can not condense the acts in surgery"

As the multiple postponements of this reform did not solve the problem, several liberal doctors' unions (Le Bloc, FMF, SML, Smaer) as well as the Federation of Private Hospitalization (FHP) demanded and obtained the cancellation of the two latest decrees issued in 2019 and 2021.

This "made it impossible for us to work, because we cannot cut down on surgical acts", explains the president of the Bloc, Philippe Cuq.

The pressure is now on the government, which the Council of State has "ordered to adopt within four months new provisions" reconciling the statute of Ibode and the "principle of legal certainty".

"It would take thousands"

For Dr Cuq, "we have to organize ourselves so that there are only Ibodes in the operating room" by massively training the staff in place and by increasing the number of places in specialized schools - 700 currently when "there are some. would need thousands ”given the turnover in the profession.

Among the other applicants, the SML and the FMF asked in a joint press release for "validation of acquired experience for staff working regularly with surgeons".

On the nursing side, the Inter-Blocs Collective denounced what it considers “a new attack” against the Ibodes, saying it is “ready to fight” for this specialty “really in danger”.


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