Aren't you uncomfortable on your way home from work?

From now on, until dawn today (11th), there will be more snow falling and accumulating mainly in the central region.

If you look at the snowfall forecast until today, 1 to 3 cm of snow is expected mainly in the western regions such as Seoul, 2 to 5 cm in the inland and mountainous regions of Gangwon, and more than 30 cm in many places in the Jeju mountain region. Please be careful not to wear it.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to traffic safety as snow and rain are frozen and road icing is expected.

Also, until this morning, there are places where fine dust levels are bad in some places, but from the afternoon, the air diffusion will become smooth and the fine dust concentration will return to normal levels in most areas.

This morning, the temperature in Seoul will start at minus 10 degrees and Daejeon at minus 7 degrees.

The bitter cold will continue through the second half of the week.

(Meteorological Caster Jeon So-young)