Anti-fraud old Chen broke the circle

  "I'm an anti-fraud anchor, what kind of anchor are you?" "Good men don't talk naked, and good women don't pay bills. Don't take online loans if you have nothing, and don't gamble if you have money." The 6-hour live broadcast made him "fire" on the hot search for the first time.

Under the blessing of "highly beautiful" in the live broadcast room, various anchors dressed in strange clothes and good at funny and funny met a policeman in a standard police uniform and sat upright, and instantly panicked, and there appeared "active account" and "incoherent speech" "And a series of witty "famous scenes".

  The live broadcast attracted 120 million netizens to watch, and even paralyzed the network due to too many viewers.

Driven by this live broadcast and a series of other combined measures, the "National Anti-Fraud Center" App immediately topped the download list of the mobile software store, and the number of downloads exceeded 200 million.

  "The police and the anchor go to PK. Have you ever seen such a scene? This kind of novelty and lively atmosphere attracts the common people. As soon as it becomes unstoppable, the app downloads 'huhuhuhu'." Chen Guoping said.

In order to deal with Lao Chen's "Lianmai PK", some anchors even printed the pictures of the "National Anti-Fraud Center" App in advance, and took the initiative to "hand in the homework".

  Behind the "popularity" is Chen Guoping's 5 years of persistence.

"The tricks of scammers are becoming more and more diverse, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false, and many people are deceived. The original intention of my live broadcast is to influence more people to participate in the relay of law popularization, just for the sake of 'nothing in the world'. Fraud!"

"You haven't been deceived, you don't understand"

  "Maybe I have seen too many fraudsters. You haven't been deceived and you don't understand." Chen Guoping recalled the fraud cases he had handled one by one. in sight.

  Chen Guoping first came into contact with anti-fraud in 2017.

In order to deal with the frequent fraud cases, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Haigang Branch of Qinhuangdao City Public Security Bureau, Hebei Province, to which Chen Guoping belongs, established an anti-fraud squadron to combat telecom fraud to prevent ordinary people from being "routine" by fraudsters.

  "Telecom fraud has four characteristics, remote crime, wide area involved, rapid transfer of stolen money, and various fraud methods. The flow of stolen money is fast, and it often takes only a few minutes to 'evaporate' from the bank transfer and remittance to the other party's account. The anti-fraud police need to follow up at every level and fight against fraudsters in order to restore the losses of the deceived to the greatest extent." He said.

  At that time, technical means, transportation and communication were not as developed as they are now, and Chen Guoping and his colleagues needed to conduct on-the-spot investigation and collection of evidence.

"When dealing with a campus naked loan case, I 'lived' on the plane and high-speed rail almost every day, and ran around the country to search for evidence. In just one month, I 'run' more than 80,000 kilometers around the map of China."

  "At that time, a girl wanted to buy a mobile phone, so she borrowed a campus loan of 5,000 yuan. It was the 5,000 yuan that turned the profit to more than 200,000 yuan within a month, and it also made her fall into the cobweb carefully woven by the other party. ', it was difficult to break free. After the family helped her repay 200,000 yuan, there was still a little left to repay, which was the tail of the loan, which rolled over again. The lender repeatedly PS the girl's nude photos into obscene photos and sent them to her Her family and friends kept calling and harassing her. The girl tried to drink 84 disinfectant to end her life, but was rescued by her family and finally went to the police together.”

  It was the experience of solving cases again and again that made Chen Guoping deeply realize that instead of chasing liars every day, looking for evidence and solving cases, why not root out the root causes and kill telecom fraud in the cradle?

"Even if I'm open all year round, the number of cases I can solve in one year is limited! Some cases are solved, but in the process of solving cases, the people are also suffering. Since I have so many years of anti-fraud experience, I am willing to Share it with everyone and let everyone know that the pies that fall for free from the sky are basically poisonous."

  This is how Chen Guoping's anti-fraud propaganda started.

"It's all real anti-fraud cases, everyone sounds kind"

  "Live broadcast, am I 'not suitable' and 'can't do it'?" At the beginning of the live broadcast, Chen Guoping communicated face-to-face with netizens and answered questions through Lianmai, publicizing the types of cases with a relatively high incidence rate at that time, and gave them back to Psychological counseling for victims.

Because he was too "one-sided", there were only a handful of people who came to his live broadcast room, which made him feel discouraged and discouraged, and he even doubted himself for a while.

  But whenever he sees those blackmailed and deceived victims of online fraud crying in his live broadcast, he will instantly think of the victims he has come into contact with.

He asked himself in his heart, "Did I use my 'power of the wild' like solving a case in my live broadcast? Is there any other way?"

  Having been in the police for many years, Chen Guoping has a deeper understanding of the word police, and he knows the responsibility and mission behind this police uniform.

  "Anti-fraud publicity is extremely important. I want to use my live broadcast to let everyone take precautions and truly protect the safety of the people's property from loss." Years of police experience told him, "It's not because of difficulties that you are afraid, but It is because we are afraid that things become difficult, so we need to solve the difficulties in front of us from a different angle.”

  The live broadcast room has been tepid, what should I do?

Chen Guoping "soaked" in the live broadcast rooms of those popular anchors. Slowly, Chen Guoping found that everyone preferred the lively live broadcast atmosphere, "borrowing Song Dandan's 'famous saying' in the Spring Festival Gala - 'the gongs and drums are loud, and the firecrackers are blaring'. To describe it, it’s not an exaggeration at all.”

  As a result, Chen Guoping began to use live PK, online short dramas and other methods to differentiate the anchors to learn prevention knowledge.

For example: chatting with male anchors about online dating, chatting with older anchors about investment and financial management, and chatting with students about indecent video extortion and campus loans.

Because the fan groups are different, different anti-fraud knowledge needs to be promoted.

  Years of anti-fraud experience have made him familiar with various types of fraud cases.

"Because we are not just propagandists, but also case investigators. What I tell you every time I live broadcast is a real case that I encountered in my past work."

  During the live broadcast, there was a case that impressed Chen Guoping very deeply.

A young man in his 20s saved 200,000 yuan by working part-time to unload a truck, carrying sacks, and 200,000 yuan for the demolition of his family's house.

After having some savings in his hand, he decided that "I don't manage money, and money doesn't take care of me", and invested all of his net worth in a wealth management platform.

"I feel that my life in this world is meaningless. You think it's better for me to die? Jumping from a river? Jumping off a building? Electric shock?"

  Hearing these words, Chen Guoping, who was in the live broadcast room, was startled.

Chen Guoping calmed down and turned into a psychological mentor in an instant: "You are not afraid of death, are you afraid of living? People live a lifetime and nothing happens, that is a fool." "No matter what experience is, it is the experience of life. "We don't live just for money, but for other higher pursuits. Just like my current live broadcast, I don't have a penny, isn't it just to avoid you falling into the 'pit' of these fraudsters?"

  Now, with the guidance and support of Chen Guoping and netizens, the young man's life has gradually returned to the right track.

At the same time, Chen Guoping also slowly developed a set of "Chen's Psychology" when enlightening netizens who fell into the trap of fraud, "Every time I see netizens who have been defrauded, I feel a sense of powerlessness in my heart, and even some Despair. This also strengthens my determination to learn about anti-fraud knowledge on the Internet, my wish is 'the world is free from fraud'!"

"There is a phenomenon of 'person-to-person' of anti-fraud knowledge"

  "Where are the people, I will carry out anti-fraud propaganda!"

  "If you deviate from the people, it's like a kite with a broken line." Chen Guoping said when introducing his experience in offline anti-fraud publicity. In the past, the police often used "banner posters" and "home visits" to promote anti-fraud knowledge. A lot of police force and financial resources have been invested, but it is still "a long way to go" to make anti-fraud knowledge "into the mind".

  "Now, as the live broadcast has made the original serious anti-fraud publicity lively and interesting, more and more anchors have joined the anti-fraud publicity team. Each anchor has a large number of fans, and let them promote the fans, the anchor We promote each other with anchors, anchors and fans, and over time, there has also been a phenomenon of 'person-to-person transmission' in anti-fraud knowledge publicity."

  During Chen Guoping's live broadcast of popular science, he also discovered an interesting phenomenon.

Everyone has changed from passively accepting anti-fraud knowledge to actively learning anti-fraud knowledge on their own, and acted first on the road of anti-fraud to avoid falling into the trap of "pie in the sky". is huge."

  "The original blunt anti-fraud propaganda, with the blessing of the new format of live PK, has inspired many Internet users to spontaneously forward and spread, and successfully covered hundreds of millions of audiences." This Weibo netizen's message made Chen Guoping feel particularly proud and even more He strengthened his confidence in carrying forward the anti-fraud publicity career, "This kind of publicity method is funny and effective, and I learned a lot of anti-fraud knowledge from it." "Spending hundreds of millions of yuan to promote may not have this effect.

  According to Chen Guoping, he "lives live broadcasts to promote anti-fraud in his spare time, but he did not expect to become a 'top stream' in the live broadcast industry".

And now, not only Chen Guoping, but more and more policemen have joined the anti-fraud publicity team. In the process of anti-fraud publicity on the Internet, with the help of the huge fan base, viewers and traffic of Internet celebrities, the anti-fraud campaign has been greatly improved. Coverage, reach and penetration of fraudulent advertising.

  "It is meaningful and interesting to conduct anti-fraud publicity on the Internet. This innovative, down-to-earth, and popular live broadcast method is full of humor and interesting points, and it is even more inspiring. Such as publicity and anti-fraud Good things that are closely related to the common people can be promoted as much as possible in a way that the masses like to hear and see, and there is hope to achieve twice the result with half the effort." Chen Guoping said.

  According to data released by the Ministry of Public Security, as of November 2021, more than 370,000 telecom and network fraud cases have been cracked across the country, and more than 549,000 criminal suspects have been arrested.

In the face of repeated telecommunication and network frauds and new scams that are constantly emerging, extensive anti-fraud publicity, so that the general public can raise their awareness of anti-fraud and anti-fraud, is the key to winning the fight against fraud.

And this is also the original intention of the anti-fraud police Lao Chen to carry out fancy anti-fraud propaganda - "there is no fraud in the world".

  China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily trainee reporter Mou Haokun, reporter Yang Yue Source: China Youth Daily