Are you ready for the spread of the highly infectious Omicron strain?

Sumida Ward, Tokyo, is urgently responding by accelerating the third vaccination for medical professionals in the area responsible for the new corona, ahead of the original schedule.

Sumida Ward, Tokyo, conducted the third mass vaccination for medical professionals about a week ahead of schedule.

A total of about 350 people were targeted, including new corona tests, patient health observations, and doctors, visiting nurses, and pharmacists at local clinics responsible for vaccination of residents.

This is because Sumida Ward thought that medical care would not be possible unless the local medical staff were protected before the highly infectious Omicron strain spread.

By the end of the year, doctors who had already given the third vaccination had taken the lead at the venue and proceeded with the vaccination gracefully.

In addition, Sumida Ward has decided to advance the vaccination of general elderly people who are at risk of becoming seriously ill and start vaccination from 22nd of this month, and we will ask the medical staff who vaccinated this time to deal with it.

The staff of the health center who received the third vaccination said, "If I get infected and bring it to the workplace, the health center will not be able to work on infection control. Thank you. "

In addition, a dentist who has been in charge of vaccination before said, "I think that as a medical professional, dentists also have an obligation to prevent the spread of infection. In the future, I may be in charge of vaccination, so I am relieved. I think we can handle it. "

Hitoshi Iwase, Deputy Director of Sumida Ward Health Center, said, "If the Omicron strain becomes epidemic, medical staff will treat inpatients, outpatients, and home care patients at the forefront. I went there. I want to make sure that the inhabitants of the ward can live with peace of mind. "