Peking University "Uncle Immortal" daily paintings

  "Teacher and classmates are in a good mood every day, I am satisfied"

  Or a simple heart-warming text, or a painting with soft colors. On a small electronic screen on the campus of Peking University, there are different surprises and emotions waiting for the classmates every day, busy for them. Add a touch of fun to study and life.

These healing paintings were all made by a security guard from Peking University, who was referred to by his classmates as "Uncle God" and "Guanghua Sweeper."

  He is Zhijian, a security guard in Building 1, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.

Recently, “out of the circle” because of insisting on drawing on the electronic screen every day, the People’s Daily and many other mainstream media have reposted it on Weibo, and the topic “Uncle Security at Peking University’s Day is too romantic” once became popular. Search.

  "It's so healing. Only those who have beauty in their eyes and love in their hearts can express this beauty." "As long as they have a heart, there is beauty everywhere." "People who live with their heart will not fail you in life." "A warm heart image The sun in the winter is very warm; the works done with care, exuding the quality of the creator, are very rare"... Netizens left messages saying that they were cured by these paintings.

However, for his unexpected "popularity", Master Cai frequently mentioned in interviews, "I just paint at will, and I never thought about becoming famous."

  I am an ordinary worker

  I just want to earn some money diligently

  In the afternoon, the sky was clear blue, the cold wind blew up, and the dead leaves on the ground whirled with the wind.

Xu was to make it easier for students to enter and exit. The glass door on the first floor of Guanghua College was kept open, cold wind blew in with the flow of people, and the cold hall exuded a hint of coolness.

  As soon as you enter the door, you can see a few lines written on the display on the right side: "Life is the result of suffering, life is the result of suffering, and life is the one that is forced." The phrase "Chicken Soup for the Soul" that the master saw from Douyin felt that it was suitable for motivating students, so he immediately shared it on the electronic screen.

The orange-yellow font hangs on a gray-black background, which is extremely conspicuous.

On the table below the screen is a glass bottle with a bouquet in it. It is a ginkgo leaf picked up by Master Cai from the campus in autumn. Next to it is a goose-egg-sized stone picked up by Weiming Lake.

  At this time, the talented master was standing on duty at the front desk on the left. Under the glass desk of the front desk, there were small objects such as student cards, USB flash drives, and keys that the students lost.

"Some of the objects were picked up during the building tour, and some were picked up by the students." Master Cai said, he would collect everything that everyone accidentally lost, so that the owner could find it easily.

  "This is the best major of Peking University, and the students who graduate from here are very capable." When he said this, the face of the talented master was full of pride.

"My friends are the envious of being a security guard in the best college of Peking University." Master Cai took me to and fro between the floors, looking for a quiet corner.

The rest area on the side of the corridor is full of students, or reading or writing, everyone is busy with the things at hand.

  Not long ago, there were always students who ran over with their mobile phones and told him, "Master, you are on a hot search."

It's just that the frequent interviews and "candid photos" brought by the accidental popularity made the talented master feel depressed.

He confessed that he is an ordinary worker, just wanting to earn some money diligently.

  Master Cai said that at that time he didn't know what "hot search" was or what Weibo was.

However, as more and more people talked about it, he felt extremely curious in his heart.

So, with the help of the students, he also downloaded Weibo on his mobile phone.

"Oh, it turns out that this is a hot search on Weibo." Master Cai saw that the "People's Daily" and other mainstream media reprinted reports about him. There were hundreds of comments in the comment area. He carefully read each one. content.

Among them, the message that impressed Master Cai the most was "I will go to Peking University in the future, Peking University will produce talents", which touched his heart.

"Because I didn't like learning when I was a child, and my education level was not high, I would always meet foreign friends on campus to ask for directions, but I couldn't understand or answer them." The unfinished studies when he was young became his biggest regret at this moment.

  Painting is the same as studying with classmates. As long as you work hard, everything can be done.

  Speaking of his painting skills, the talented master said that he had never studied specifically, and the level of painting is very average. He usually paints casually when he has pen and paper on hand, but he hasn't preserved it.

"Painting is the same as studying with classmates, you have to use your heart. You can paint well with your heart. As long as you use your heart, everything can be done."

  In fact, the time for the talented master to paint is not long.

At the end of 2019, the epidemic began to spread wantonly.

In order to prevent and control the epidemic, the school has placed a multi-function display screen in each building to facilitate the students entering and leaving the teaching building to scan their faces and measure their temperature.

At first, the students of Guanghua College were the first to write on the screen or draw some small animals.

"I thought about it. The students did a good job. I also tried to paint. After two visits, I painted it."

  Since then, the talented master has started to create on the screen while the students are in class.

In the beginning, he just searched for some exquisite pictures to copy from his mobile phone, and he could copy them about every three or four days.

Sometimes, the work is too busy to update. Teachers and students will tease "Are there any new works today" as soon as they enter the door every day.

"This display has now become their most anticipated surprise every day."

  Although the complex buttons and the rich variety of function keys on the electronic screen are simply "at your fingertips" for us, for talented masters in their 50s, the difficulty coefficient of drawing on smart devices such as electronic screens is not low. .

"Many of the paintings I painted before can't be found, and I don't know where to save them. What a pity!" Master Cai bluntly said that he is not very familiar with the use of electronic screens, which is far behind university students.

With that, the talented master opened the work "Desert" that was carefully drawn a few days ago and began to demonstrate the painting process.

  What catches the eye is a very pleasant work.

A round of scorching sun shines in the sky, the endless yellow sand reflects the orange light, the mountains in the distance are undulating, and the rows of branches at the foot of the mountain are dotted with strings of red flowers. Only one person is wearing a red gauze skirt. The beautiful young woman of Wang is rushing forward, with a long red scarf flying in the wind behind her.

  "This is my favorite painting. At first I only painted the desert, but I always felt that something was missing. After thinking about it, I drew a girl in red with a scarf." The master pointed to the bottom of the work. The displayed pen, eraser, eraser, shape and other painting tools are demonstrated one by one. After selecting the brush, you can adjust the thickness according to your painting needs. Even if you make a mistake, you can use the eraser to erase it.

"There are many colors to choose from in the brush, and the colors in this picture are all matched by myself."

  However, occasionally I accidentally touched the "Clear" button on the screen, and the draft that I just drew was immediately gone.

The master Cai is very sorry. Among the paintings that were accidentally deleted and can't be found, there are some paintings that he is most satisfied with.

During the demonstration, there are always passing students secretly taking pictures of the talented master who is explaining.

When he turned his head, the student who was holding his mobile phone to record with a smile shyly said, "Master, your painting is really good."

  "Actually, I never thought about becoming famous, because I am an ordinary worker." After being reported by major media, the talented master also became famous, and many students would take the initiative to greet him on the road.

"I will keep painting, because every day some students will see if there are new works. If I don't paint now, my classmates and teachers will be quite disappointed."

  When talking about the emergence of security talents in Peking University, the talented master rushed to say: "I heard that there was a self-study exam for security guards before I came, and finally returned to my hometown to become the principal. They are much better than me, but they have perseverance."

  Visiting the building eight or nine times a day painting is just an amateur activity

  In the blink of an eye, this is already the fifth year that the talented master has worked at Peking University.

  Before coming to Peking University, Master Cai was a laid-off coal miner.

Because of poor studies, after he dropped out of high school, he followed his parents to work in the coal mine in his hometown in Jilin.

"There are five people in the family, elder sister and younger brother are all university graduates, but I do not study well and have no education, so I can only go down to the well." Master Cai said, because my parents were both formal coal mine workers, the living conditions at the family were actually pretty good.

Only in his studies, his parents also hated him.

"As long as I study hard and get admitted to school, they will be willing even if I can sell iron."

  After becoming a coal miner, the talented master is mainly responsible for maintaining and repairing the mechanical equipment in the mine, and assisting the frontline workers to go down the coal mining.

Every morning at 8 or 9 o'clock, the workers began to line up to take the "well car" down the well. Each car can stand in three rows, with 5 people standing in a row. The next well takes 15 minutes.

"I couldn't see the sun all day in the mine. When I went down, my face was normal. When I got up, some workers didn't smile, and you couldn't see his face." Master Cai recalled that every day was dirty at that time. , Life is very bitter and bitter.

"To put it more bluntly, it means that there are three stones with a piece of meat. That is, there are stones under the feet, left and right."

  The maintenance work on the mine was simple and tedious, and the master just finished the topic hastily with a few words.

But when he talked about his father who was also in the coal mine, he could not stop talking, his expression could not hide his pride.

"My dad is very good. At that time, the mine had to test for a technician certificate. My dad got the first place in the test. At that time, he issued a big red book with the words'People's Republic of China Technician Certificate'." Said Master Cai, although the coal mine later I have also organized a technician exam, but no certificate is issued anymore. Even if the certificate is left now, it has a lot of gold.

  From a young man to a young age, the master has worked for 28 years until the accident in 2016 when the coal mine was finally shut down.

More than 3,000 coal miners were unemployed, and the talented master was one of them.

After being "idle" at home for a month, he came to Peking University as a security guard on the recommendation of his younger brother.

Within a few days of his arrival, he proudly congratulated his family, "I never dreamed of coming to work at Peking University, and it is the best Guanghua School of Management in Peking University."

  There are a total of 4 people in the security room of Building 1, Guanghua College, Peking University. They are mainly responsible for the fire protection work in the building and the inspection and maintenance of the facilities. Usually a group of two people. They rotate 24 hours a month on a single and double day, and patrol the building every two hours. At one time, you have to patrol eight or nine times a day, and at least 20 minutes to patrol a five-story building.

"It also runs every two hours at night, mainly to see if the socket in the teacher's office is turned off, and whether there are safety hazards such as sparks." Master Cai said, squinting on the sofa in the house at night when he was sleepy.

"But I can't fall asleep. I always worry about potential safety hazards when I go to work. It's not like I go home from get off work, I don't have to think about anything, I fall asleep when I lie down."

  Whenever he is on duty, the talented master always walks past the lakeside of the unknown lake in the early morning. The morning fog is filled with fog, and the towering boya tower is set against the dim streetlights, which is calm and solemn. Every day's work starts at this moment.

"You can't work here, the wind can't blow, the rain can't get wet, and you can walk around the campus when you are resting." Master Cai said frankly that he is much better than working in a coal mine, and he feels more comfortable.

  Although he loves painting, the talented master who loves his job will only create during the students' class or after closing the building at night. This is the most comfortable and relaxing time of his day, and he can brew for a long time in front of the screen without evasiveness. , And then draw it seriously, it takes half an hour as short as three or four hours as long as three or four hours, but the talented master is always happy, "After all, we are here to work, and painting is an amateur activity outside of work."

  "What I write to my classmates is from my heart."

  In the eyes of the students, the talented master is not only a dedicated security guard, but also an "immortal uncle" who works hard at painting and calligraphy.

His paintings can not only decorate the hall of the college, but most importantly, they can bring surprises and touches to the students while they are busy studying and living.

  "It's a holiday, go to the beach and watch the sunrise."

  "Classmate, meeting you is the happiness of my life."

  "There is no need to pursue those things outside of the body in life. Being healthy, free from disease and disasters, and safe for a lifetime is a person's greatest blessing."

  Although most of the messages or paintings on the electronic screen are not original by the talented master, these are his best wishes and hopes for the students.

"What I wrote to my classmates was what I said in my heart, and I wrote whatever I thought of." Master Cai said. The classmates went to the classroom to study very early and left very late, which was very hard.

So I want them to pay attention to rest and take care of their bodies.

  In the eyes of the talented master, the students are pure and educated, and what they say sounds particularly pleasant to the ears.

Master Cai said that he is usually a very easy-going person and has a good relationship with students.

Because I always sit at the door, I occasionally get sleepy at noon and yawn straight.

Attentive classmates saw it, and they would bring him a cup when buying coffee, "Master, have a cup of coffee, refreshing." Other classmates bought oranges and gave him two or three.

"They will think, the master is standing here every day, very hard."

  Now, he is already a "good friend" in the eyes of his classmates.

Not long ago, a classmate chased him to create a painting for his friend who was about to celebrate his birthday.

The master Cai asked her "What are you painting", and the other party smiled hippiely and said "Think about it for yourself" and left.

"I just wondered, since the classmate has already said it, then help her draw." It was winter, and the talented master simply drew a snow scene, and then drew a heart on it.

"To celebrate birthdays to others, it doesn't matter whether the party meals or cakes are important. The main thing is to use your heart." The Cai master said cheerfully.

  After this "out of the circle", many enthusiastic students suggested that the talented master open an art exhibition or make an atlas, and others offered to teach him to open Douyin to make money through live broadcasting, but the master declined one by one.

He said he didn't think so much, and would never think about making money by painting.

"I know what the level of painting is. If these paintings can make teachers and classmates feel fresh when they enter the door, and have a good mood, I will be satisfied."

  Text/Reporter Wang Jing