Did JK Rowling take inspiration from the anti-Semitic 1903 book

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

to bring the Goblins of the Gringotts Bank to life in theaters?

In any case, this is what Jon Stewart says.

The 59-year-old actor, himself a Jew, in his podcast, broadcast on Apple TV, denounced the similarities between wizarding money handlers and caricatures of Jews in this book (which details a Jewish plot and is considered one of the greatest fake news of all time) quoted by Adolf Hitler in

Mein Kampf


“This is how you know the Jews are still at the same point.

When I ask people if they've seen a Harry Potter movie, they tell me they love the franchise.

So I tell them about the Gringotts Bank, which they like too.

And I ask them if they know who the people running the bank are.

They are taken aback and I answer them for Jews, ”he said in

The Problem with Jon Stewart


No response yet from the author

He goes on to say that when he shows cartoons from the book, people think they are the goblins from the

Harry Potter

movies .

The actor is also appalled that no one has made the connection since the first film released in 2001. He ironically concluded that he was amazed that the author could create an imaginary world populated by fantastic animals, but that she chose. "Jews to run the fucking underground bank."

JK Rowling has yet to respond to the accusations, which add to criticism of his comments about transgender women.

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